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Posted 15 January 2023

Rambo First Blood (1982) in UHD £3.99 to buy @ Amazon Prime Video, Rambo 2 £4.99, Rambo 3 £3.99

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  1. aLV426's avatar
    Watched Last Blood the other night (was it on channel 5? I did see it in the cinema on release though).
    The end (no spoiler alert needed!) had a montage of clips from the previous movies, I thought it was a good way to bookend the franchise...

    lol - spoilers

    I watched Avatar with the kids tonight - and just realised that Rambo (was it 2?) was the first movie to show a helicopter being taken out by a a bow & arrow! - Avatar being the second! (edited)
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    That’s also the only actual on screen death in the movie and it was self defence.
  2. john_n3MU's avatar
    HOT best Rambo Film
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    I went to Hope in Canada where they filmed a bunch of it. Quite eerie
  4. zzzz's avatar
    Only recently watched the 2008 + 2019 Rambo movies
    - the Cgi turns them into pretty bloody splatterfests !
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