Rambo Trilogy [Box Set] £6.89 Delivered
Rambo Trilogy [Box Set] £6.89 Delivered

Rambo Trilogy [Box Set] £6.89 Delivered

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Includes the following Rambo films:

Rambo - First Blood
When, for no apparent reason, a small town police chief arrests a vagrant hitchhiker, little does he realise that he has set in motion a catastrophic series of events. The vagrant in question is in fact John Rambo, congressional Medal of Honour winner and Vietnam war hero. Responding to the harassment of his captors with sudden ferociousness. Rambo makes a daring escape from the small town jail, steals a motorcycle and roars off to the shelter of the nearby mountains. As the manhunt begins Rambo is in his element preparing himself for a ONE MAN WAR.

Rambo - First Blood Part II
Rambo is released from prison and is sent back to present day Vietnam.
His Mission: To track down American MIAs.
The Plan: A parachute into forbidding jungle.
With nothing but a serrated knife and a bow with arrows, he is told not to engage the enemy, just to take reconnaissance pictures.
Betrayed by his own. Rambo struggles against deadly odds and vows revenge on those who made him an enemy - No Man, No Law, No War can stop him.

Rambo III
When John Rambo - ex-soldier refuses the request of his old platoon leader Colonel Trautman for a new mission, he carries on with his new Buddhist life.
However, when Colonel Trautman is kidnapped by the soviets at the Afghanistan border, and the American Government are unable to take official action, Rambo decides to take action of his own.


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