Rambo Ultimate Blu-Ray Collection {Blu-ray} £8.93 Delivered - Asda Entertainment
Rambo Ultimate Blu-Ray Collection {Blu-ray} £8.93 Delivered - Asda Entertainment

Rambo Ultimate Blu-Ray Collection {Blu-ray} £8.93 Delivered - Asda Entertainment

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Won't last long at this price.

3.5% Quidco/TCB available.

John Rambo takes out his enemies with extreme prejudice in FIRST BLOOD, RAMBO - FIRST BLOOD PART 2, RAMBO 3, and RAMBO.

In FIRST BLOOD, a police chief arrests and harasses a vagrant, former Vietnam war hero John Rambo. Rambo escapes his captors and wages a one man war against the corrupt police force in nearby mountains.

In RAMBO - FIRST PLOOD PART 2, John Rambo's mission is to locate American P.O.W's in Vietnam. His orders: do not engage the enemy. But double-crossed and behind enemy lines he must get out any way he can. No man, no law, no war can stop him!.

In RAMBO 3, John Rambo has gone to live a life of seclusion in an old Buddhist monastery, searching for inner peace. When friend and mentor Col. Trautman visits to ask for his help in a secret mission in Afghanistan, Rambo declines, preferring a life of serenity. Trautman goes it alone and is captured by the enemy. Rambo must now set out to bring his old friend back to safety.

RAMBO sees John Rambo living like a hermit and wrangling rattlesnakes in Thailand. He's drawn back into the action by a group of missionaries who want the Vietnam vet to ferry them upriver into Burma. But when the group of idealists gets captured by the Burmese army, it's up to Rambo and a team of multinational mercenaries to save the day.


Ordered Cheers OP

cheaper than owning just rambo - great deal


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Mr Twister

Ordered Cheers OP

Well done - I'm getting an error 500 message at checkout now. Is it broken?


Well done - I'm getting an error 500 message at checkout now. Is it … Well done - I'm getting an error 500 message at checkout now. Is it broken?

I tried ordering it again its works fine right up to confirm order. Strange how its not working for you ?

I cant order either!

Nope same issue here error 500 tried chrome and safari

thanks ordered 5 !

would be hot if would work keep getting errors!!

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Seems ok again now

damn not working for me either just tried again at 07.48

Not working here either!

orered it from whsmoths for £1 more, saves messing about, woolies online also has it under £10

i voted hot, as mentioned below, it works with firefox

i tried with IE8 didnt work, got the 500 error code.

it seems woolies and whsmiths are pretty much the same site as asda entertainment.

i ordered from whsmiths and asda, as if one doesnt show then maybe i may get lucky, although if both do i can take the whsmiths one back into a store and get a refund

Got errors with Safari, but it processed just fine with Firefox. I skipped Quidco because Asda Entertainment wasn't listed though! I take it I could have navigated from the asda domain to the entertainment domain and got my Quidco then?

Ha, got my Quidco after all, must have registered it all as the same session.. cool.

Ordered with Firefox, thanks OP.

Yes, goes through with firefox but not ie.

Total bargain. Went through no problems.

Many thanks OP.

excellent price - went through fine for me. Thanks OP!

H+R ... cheers OP


Just ordered using firefox. Thanks

Thanks OP, went through with Firefox. Won't come off but fingers crossed.

thanks OP

HOT HOT HOT!!!! Awesome price and well spotted. H+R.....thanks!!!

Nice one OP, ordered.


thanks ordered 5 !

well done, after all, it wouldnt do to leave plenty for others would it?

Cheers bookie

I can't order this, cause I live in Denmark. Can someone get amazon to price match or something? That would be awesome.

ordered 1 , thx op


thanks ordered 5 !

why? buying em for other ppl or to flog on ebay!!!

Try ringing them - They've obviously got problems this morning. Courtesy of "Say No to 0870", try 01606 338181. Worked for me. Sales person said they're going like hot cakes!

I just ordered using IE (not sure if it's 7 or with no problems...

I wonder if there supposed to be this price?


even tho i have the dvd collection i had to get this ,zavvi still sell for £42 ,must be miss price cos hmv do the dvd version for £18 ,thx anyway heat added

Ordered through Firefox - fingers crossed it will come (doubt it tho!!)

Wow hot and rept! Cheers will order 1 but probably be cancelled!

Got my order in - Fingers crossed!!

Ordered mine!

Ordered 50 sets..

..actually just the 1 - I'm not THAT much of a Rambo fan
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