Rangemaster Kitchener 90 Dual Fuel at Currys - £900 with RCK799 code, free delivery

Rangemaster Kitchener 90 Dual Fuel at Currys - £900 with RCK799 code, free delivery

Found 11th Jun 2012
Rangemaster dual fuel 90cm cooker, black and chrome. Best price I can find elsewhere is over £1100. Web page lists it at £999, just enter RCK799 as the discount code on checkout
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this will get hot
On the lookout for a new range cooker and was going to buy the leisure cm101nrkp, any input will be really helpful
Ha ha nice on georgecat!

At this price this is a top oven...and a bottom one too! ;-)
I am just starting to look at 90cm ovens for a house I am buying. I haven't quite worked out the difference between a range cooker like this and 90cm ovens in general..... What is the definition of range? multiple ovens?
I've got this oven. The most annoying thing about it is the fact that the clock is a bit fiddly to set and if you have a power cut, it then has to be re-set before it will work. Also, being mostly gas you would think you would be able to use it in the event of a power cut but you can't. Then again, how often do you have power cuts?

The electric oven is very narrow but is handy more for keeping things warm when cooking a big meal.

The wok burner is brilliant though as it has two rows of flames and holds the wok over the flames with a special holder, the griddle you can get for it is good too. Better than a george foreman and easier to clean.
£10 per cm, or £1 per mm
Rangemaster is the elite of range cookers, I would recommend them over leisure any time. I have a rangemaster (pro+) and the build quality is great.
Does anyone know what the Warranty is on this? Was looking at getting a Stoves oven...But this one looks good. Which manufacturer is better?oO

Great oven - got one last year in the sale for £1000 and £60 quidco. Has a one year warranty, but if you register with the enclosed pack, you get another year for free.
Oh flipping flip!

Just spent five months deciding on a range cooker, and plumped fora 100cm Belling.
Then a week later THIS appears!

Hot and nice to see something other than an SSD on this site!
Just bought, over the phone, agreed delivery date of July 3rd, but my house won't be ready, the man on the phone said I can phone the day before delivery day, and postpone delivery for 5 weeks (He said I could do the same again if I wasnt ready after THAT 5 weeks too)

So they'll delay untill the end of August for me , when the cottage will be ready! :-) Happy days!
You can also get the cook hood for £9ish
the range cooker offer code has expired, however there's a better deal with the CUR10 code, 10% off anything over £1000, so I cancelled my order, and re-ordered to save a few quid! :-) Happier days!
Wondered if anyone has the rangemaster professional, and if so what is the best price at the mo
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