Rangs Magic Backyard Magic Boomerang (Colour Varies), £2.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Rangs Magic Backyard Magic Boomerang (Colour Varies), £2.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Found 5th Jul 2010
Worlds Best Boomerang!! (That's what it says on the pack)

Manufacturer's Description
Not satisfied with pioneering the world's best outdoor boomerang, those innovative chaps at Wicked Vision have turned their attention in on themselves to produce a completely safe and highly throwable indoor boomerang for throwing, err, indoors. Cripes. Don't worry and don't, whatever you do, call Health and Safety, otherwise you'll be drowning in paperwork before you know it. All you need to know is that this deliciously clever little number is made entirely from unique (and highly secret) Memorang foam that combines the most essential ingredients of a boomerang and a meringue. It's the same foam but heavier than the Indoor Magic Boomerang and with double the distance of flight it is by far the most awesome indoor boomerang on the planet. With a mercifully shorter throwing range than its outdoor cousin, and all-round foam construction, it's safe enough to throw without damage to the indoor environment, your brother, boss or wife. With a whole new universe of tricks, throws and catches to perfect, one can anticipate hours of fun, even in confined spaces. Just what you need when those long Wednesday afternoons start to drag, or when Panorama comes on tv. Bonza, as our Australian cousins would have it. Designed in Australia and made in the UK - these boomerangs can be easily 'tuned' to adjust the flight characteristics. You wont believe your eyes! Colours may vary from those shown.
Box Contains
Indoor foam boomerang
Full throwing instructions


Thanks, ordered for my lad!

Cheers, ordered one.(_;)

A great find taswir1! This deal has been featured over at ]Playpennies!


Got this in a tesco sale and too good to have fun with it in open lands.
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