Rank 70 Years: 6dvd: Box Set - £10.50

Rank 70 Years: 6dvd: Box Set - £10.50

Found 17th Nov 2006
An interesting one this. HMV are advertising it as a 6dvd boxset with six films but having looked elsewhere, the boxset is advertised as carrying eight films (possibly 8 discs)which would make this an even better bargain than it currently is. The six films HMV list are:

The Red Shoes - The tragic and romantic story of Vicky Page, the brilliant young dancer who must give up everything if she is to become a great ballerina, is one of Powell and Pressburger's most famous films. The Red Shoes is one of the finest examples of their work, and has become an inspiration to artists, film makers and musicians all over the world.

The 39 Steps - Alfred Hitchcock considered The 39 Steps to be one of his favourite films, partly because it launched his classic theme of the innocent man on the run from villains and lawmen. Robert Donat stars as Richard Hannay in this freely adapted version of John Buchan's story.

Genevieve - The drama and spectacle of the London to Brighton Commemoration Run provide the background for this delightful comedy in which friendly rivalry (automotive and marital) between two couples develops into an almost no-holds-barred race back from Brighton to London...

Brief Encounter - Noel Coward's sensitive portrayal of what happens when two happily married strangers, played by Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson, meet and their acquaintance deepens into affection and eventually into love.

The Wicked Lady - The lusty, bawdy, epic story of England's legendary highwayperson Lady Barbara Skelton, who married a nobleman, lusted after a highway-man, and sought the love of the only man she could never have...

A Matter Of Life And Death - It's night over Europe, the night of the 2nd of May 1945. A crippled Lancaster Bomber struggles home across the English Channel, all crew dead save for the young pilot desperately scanning the radio for signs of life. His prayers are answered. June (Hunter), a young radio operator, picks up his signal, and in the final moments of the young flyer's life, a special bond is formed.
The next morning washed up on an English beach, Squadron Leader Peter Carter (Niven) is alive, he finds June, and the two fall in love. Somehow he survived. It's a miracle, or is it? Peter Carter should have died that night; a heavenly escort missed him in the fog above the channel, and now he must face the celestial court of appeal for his right to live.

Special Features
The Red Shoes: Profile Documentary And Featurette
The 39 Steps: Profile On Hitchcock: The Early Years
Genevieve: Profile Featuring Interviews With Dinah Sheridan And The Crew
Brief Encounter: Profile Documentary With The Producers
The Wicked Lady: Original Theatrical Trailer
A Matter Of Life & Death: Behind The Scenes Commentary By Jack Cardiff

In addition to the above this boxset MAY contain the following two films:

Henry V - Henry V is one of Shakespeare's most compelling historical plays. Early in the play, Henry sets out to press his claim to the Crown of France. His small expedition encounters vastly superior French forces at Agincourt, and there Henry delivers his famous exhortation to the soldiers.
His army victorious, the King visits the French Court where he meets and marries Catherine of Valois, thereby establishing the beginning of a promising alliance with France.

Hamlet - Laurence Oliver delivers one of his greatest Shakespearean performances as Hamlet. Seldom has the tragic story of the Danish prince tortured by his duty to his murdered father and by the guilt and fear he feels at the prospect of revenge, been so brilliantly portrayed.

Either way, this is still good value.


Gone up to £15.49 now.
What's happening with all these HMV offers? One minute they're one price, then a few hours later, they've gone up again.

Same again I hate the way that hMV treat us!
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