RAPID ONLINE - Raaco Assorted multi-compartment boxes - from £8.82 delivered

RAPID ONLINE - Raaco Assorted multi-compartment boxes - from £8.82 delivered

Found 6th Apr 2012
Can't see that this will appeal to all that many, but I spent a bit of time trying to source these as cheap as possible as I think they are a great product so worth sharing in case anyone is after the same thing. The deal aspect to this is that the £5.95 delivery is free over £30 and there are multi-buy deals for 6 or more. They sell some of the range in Maplin so you could do a collect at store if you just wanted an A4 sized one for about £9

Multi-compartment storage boxes in three sizes and a variety of moulded-in compartment layouts.
Made from very strong, flexible polypropylene material
Can cope with the rigours of the most demanding industrial applications
All boxes have durable hinges and sliding locks on their lids
Colour: black with transparent lids
I recommend the A4 - 15 Compartment Storage Box or A5 - 9 Compartment Storage Box.
I use these for DIY purpose, screws, fixings etc and also for my daughters arts and crafts stuff. The good thing about them is that you can put really small stuff in the compartments and turn it upside down or on its side and there is no spillage to the next compartment.
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Just imagine when 3D printers become easily available you'll be able to print one of these off to work with your specific needs.
Forgot to say 4% Quidco
Prices for 1+, 6+ and 12+ are:

Manufacturer Part #: 136136
Raaco Assorter A6 - 7 Compartment Storage Box
14-0705 ROHS Exempt £2.88 £2.57 £2.33

Manufacturer Part #: 123600
Raaco Assorter A6 - 12 Compartment Storage Box
14-0710 ROHS Exempt £2.94 £2.63 £2.45

Manufacturer Part #: 123563
Raaco Assorter A5 - 9 Compartment Storage Box
14-0715 ROHS Exempt £4.30 £3.98 £3.67

Manufacturer Part #: 123570
Raaco Assorter A5 - 18 Compartment Storage Box
14-0720 ROHS Exempt £4.37 £4.10 £3.74

Manufacturer Part #: 123549
Raaco Assorter A4 - 15 Compartment Storage Box
14-0725 ROHS Exempt £8.57 £7.51 £7.10

Manufacturer Part #: 136181
Raaco Assorter A4 - 32 Compartment Storage Box
14-0730 ROHS Exempt £8.57 £7.51 £7.10
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