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Bosch Easy Impact 55 Impact Drill & Truvo Digital Detector £49.98 @ Rapid Online
Posted 15th Jun 2018Posted 15th Jun 2018
Bosch Easy Impact 55 Impact Drill & Truvo Digital Detector £49.98 @ Rapid Online
This money-saving deal includes a Bosch EasyImpact 550 impact drill and a Bosch Truvo digital metal and live wire detector.
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Find out the weight before you buy. Could be very heavy!


I've found this truvo detector to be good (purchased it seperately a few months ago when I moved into a new place), obviously it's not infallible and should use with caution but it has saved my bacon finding wires run in walls, you get a solid tone when it detects metal and a beeping tone for a live wire


Read the instructions carefully. It is clearly not a professional device, but can prevent you from doing damage. I moved to a new rented unfurnished place and wanted to put a Ikea cabinet for bathroom storage. I only needed two drilled holes in the bathroom to fix it. Thanks to the stud detector I found I could not drill exactly at the height the cabinet had to be fixed. This probably saved me from drilling the (metal) plumbing and causing major damage in the flat. I know it would have not worked on non-metal plumbing, but still, I am glad I used it.


Buy Bosch Blue, Bosch Green for light stuff only.


I don’t find the Bosch metal / stud detector to be very good. Also my Bosch SDS drill died so not enamoured with Bosch domestic products. That said, my small battery drills and screwdrivers have been great and this looks a good deal if they work and continue working.

Raspberry Pi Model B+ £28.73 Delivered @ Rapid Online
Posted 29th Jan 2015Posted 29th Jan 2015
Raspberry Pi Model B+ £28.73 Delivered @ Rapid Online
Just bought a set for my class only to see they were cheaper from here with free delivery if your order is over £30. Great if you're buying a few bits with it. This is the latest… Read more

.. and the reason people are selling it off has been revealed: the Raspberry Pi B 2, with twice the RAM and a faster multi-core CPU for the same RRP.


More power, pin compatible with Raspberry Pi (mostly), ~£25: Banana Pi. Not pin compatible but more powerful than above: Odroid C1.


cold.. still only £22.50 at amazon as I type this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Raspberry-Pi-Desktop-700MHz-Processor/dp/B00LPESRUK


Break down at checkout :) (like i normally do when i have to pay) Totals £19.95 P&P £3.99 Sub Total £23.94 VAT £4.79 Order Total £28.73


If only VAT worked that way... Heheh. Do you mean £33.94?

Digital Storage Oscilloscope (25MHz) £179.40 @ Rapid
Posted 7th Mar 2014Posted 7th Mar 2014
Digital Storage Oscilloscope (25MHz) £179.40 @ Rapid
Here is one for the electronics hacker, a digital oscilloscope at a better price than most from HK on ebay. Best of all in stock for next day delivery and no customs charges. I ap… Read more
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First thing I do when I buy cheese is to plug my scope into it,


Scope .....droool ......want it .....Now!.... droool.... oO


They can be used for assessing the age of over-ripened cheese...


Cheaper in aldi and it's in farm foods on BOGOF. Cold.


You really need to understand the circuit function first. For example take a faulty guitar amplifier. Assuming the power supply and speaker is okay.. You could check the output of the guitar pick-up, seeing if their is a signal. If okay, you would check the first stage of the pre-amp, if there is the expected signal output here, you would move up to the next stage. Eventually, you would find no output from one of the stages --- were the fault lies. Other uses included, digital circuits, checking for clock and expected logic signals. SWMP's although, you shouldn't mess with these. Video circuits etc etc. It's the Swiss army knife for the electronic engineer. If you have not heard of one before, then you are wasting your money buying one as you won't know how to use it. Buy a multimeter for a few quid.

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Accessories Mini Rotary Tools - 400pcs - £15.59 @ Rapid
Posted 6th Dec 2013Posted 6th Dec 2013
Accessories Mini Rotary Tools - 400pcs - £15.59 @ Rapid
Accessories Mini Rotary Tools (400-Piece) from RotaCraft - incorporating the following features: mini rotary tool accessory kit, set of 400 pieces, set includes accessories for dri… Read more

£14.99 free delivery http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ROTA-CRAFT-RC9400-Rotary-Tool-Accessory-Kit-for-Dremel-etc-400pc-858194-/380625241410


check out the photos, item by item they look the same, I have not had any problems with the quality, but if top quality is what you want, buy dremel originals. Most people may not use every item in these kits buy for £9.99 or £15.59 they still offer great value


Not the same item, from experience I avoid Maplins due to poor quality of their stock.


£9.99 on this post

Dremel 800 cordless tool @ £32.27 Rapid Electronics
Posted 24th Sep 2013Posted 24th Sep 2013
Dremel 800 cordless tool @ £32.27 Rapid Electronics
Dremel 8000 cordless tool with Li-ion battery.Also included is a soft bag,charger and 60 original dremel accessories .

That was as hot as a faux fireplace. Too bad.


Wow, that is misleading.


I have expired it -time delay,but thanks for the additional comment


Deal either needs to be changed or expired - the £32.27 is for a battery only - it does not include the cordless tool as the deal suggests.


Fair do's thanks for the comment

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Build Your Own Robot Arm (Remote Control & USB) + **MORE** - £41.93 Delivered @ Rapid Online
Posted 6th Mar 2013Posted 6th Mar 2013
Build Your Own Robot Arm (Remote Control & USB) + **MORE** - £41.93 Delivered @ Rapid Online
********************************************************************** Add items to your order to make it at least £35 before VAT, and delivery becomes free, so you can effectively… Read more
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Fair enough, but for those people that want both the normal remote-only version AND the optional USB interface, this seems to be the cheapest by far! Currently, it seems Amazon is the only place cheaper and that only saves you £2, loses the USB interface and you won't get £5.07 worth of whatever for 7 pence !!! This deal only costs £35.99 if you spend £5.07+ on other stuff, like batteries for example!


http://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/Build-Your-Own-Robot-Arm/product/B002HXTONC http://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/ROBOTIC-ARM-KIT-INTERFACE-CONSTRUCT/product/B005ERFUXG They frequently drop to the £30 mark or less.


To be fair, this is only £2 more than the currently cheapest price for the remote-only kit. Maplins now charge £44.99 without the optional USB interface.


Never seen it with the remote and usb. I got the usb version from maplin for just under £30 delivered with batteries (QuidCo + voucher + promo on batteries). At £30 it was an ok piece of kit, but for £40+ I would have been very reluctant. An alright price for this kit, but I'm not voting either way as I can't see having the remote and usb interfaces together making it worth £15 more then the standard single input kits.


Please note, I accept no liability if your incorrect usage of this robot arm accidentally rips your cock off! :P

Behringer Minimix MIX800 Karaoke Machine - only £58.56 delivered @ Rapid Online
Posted 20th Jun 2012Posted 20th Jun 2012
Behringer Minimix MIX800 Karaoke Machine - only £58.56 delivered @ Rapid Online
It's not unusual.... Seems like a decent bit of kit that allows you to karaoke along with any of your favourite tunes with reverb - it also has a function that virtually cancels o… Read more
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[image missing]

Behringer Monitor Speakers 1CBK - only £46.00 delivered @ Rapid Online
Posted 20th Jun 2012Posted 20th Jun 2012
Behringer Monitor Speakers 1CBK - only £46.00 delivered @ Rapid Online
Well reviewed monitor speakers that can be equally used for a surround sound system - comes with mounting brackets. Connector Clip terminal Wire diameter <4mm Power capacity … Read more
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Do JBL own Behringer? Because these look just like JBL Control One's - (which are great by the way)


what are you, the behringer man?


Spec sheet pdf here http://www.rapidonline.com/pdf/35-4336.pdf Reviews on zZounds.com http://www.zzounds.com/item--BEHMONITOR1C

RAPID ONLINE - Raaco Assorted multi-compartment boxes - from £8.82 delivered
Posted 6th Apr 2012Posted 6th Apr 2012
RAPID ONLINE - Raaco Assorted multi-compartment boxes - from £8.82 delivered
Can't see that this will appeal to all that many, but I spent a bit of time trying to source these as cheap as possible as I think they are a great product so worth sharing in case… Read more
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Prices for 1+, 6+ and 12+ are: Manufacturer Part #: 136136 Raaco Assorter A6 - 7 Compartment Storage Box 14-0705 ROHS Exempt £2.88 £2.57 £2.33 Manufacturer Part #: 123600 Raaco Assorter A6 - 12 Compartment Storage Box 14-0710 ROHS Exempt £2.94 £2.63 £2.45 Manufacturer Part #: 123563 Raaco Assorter A5 - 9 Compartment Storage Box 14-0715 ROHS Exempt £4.30 £3.98 £3.67 Manufacturer Part #: 123570 Raaco Assorter A5 - 18 Compartment Storage Box 14-0720 ROHS Exempt £4.37 £4.10 £3.74 Manufacturer Part #: 123549 Raaco Assorter A4 - 15 Compartment Storage Box 14-0725 ROHS Exempt £8.57 £7.51 £7.10 Manufacturer Part #: 136181 Raaco Assorter A4 - 32 Compartment Storage Box 14-0730 ROHS Exempt £8.57 £7.51 £7.10


Forgot to say 4% Quidco


Just imagine when 3D printers become easily available you'll be able to print one of these off to work with your specific needs.

Dual Input Uni-T Digital Thermometer UT-325 £36.74 @ RapidOnline Delivered, £53+ elsewhere
Posted 15th Jan 2012Posted 15th Jan 2012
Dual Input Uni-T Digital Thermometer UT-325 £36.74 @ RapidOnline Delivered, £53+ elsewhere
The next best price I can find for this Thermometer is £52.99 inc delivery from Hong Kong which is on eBay. A UK seller on eBay is charging £55.90+£4.70 delivery. Search for UT-325… Read more
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Providing they fulfil the order without taking too long then you will at least still get a good deal, even though it took longer than expected. I would give them a prod now and again to let them know that you are still thinking about it ;) An email or three and a few phone calls when you get a chance. It's fortunate that you are not in any rush. I hope it all works out okay for you.


It was definitely in stock when I ordered. The explanation I was given was that their inventory reporting system couldn't cope with the 'inrush' of orders (which actually amounted to only 2 or 3 units, as it turns out) and reported the stock level incorrectly. My main gripe is that they took payment and then didn't inform me of their inability to deliver within a reasonable time. Inexcusable for an ecommerce business in this day and age really. I've decided to wait as I don't need the thing urgently, but I am slightly concerned that their supplier is something of an unknown quantity to them and doesn't appear to be the same one as used previously. But then again staff cluelessness could be the real explanation.


The special offer has ended probably because it's now late January, therefore the price has returned to it's original price. If they have accepted the order they are legally obliged to sell at that price. However it is a bit of a nuisance having to wait for things, especially if it's for a long period of time. They must be ordering direct from China but even then, 5 weeks is a long time. The 120 day back order you quote must be a mistake. I started a new order to test whether they would accept when there was no stock and it did go as far as payment. I wasn't going to pay again so didn't go any further. It did show that the item was not in stock and was on back order at that point so I think you would of known that the order wouldn't get despatched until stock arrived. It's a fair wait but it looks like the price will still stand if you are willing to wait. If it's any consolation, they did mess up a bit with my orders. Another item I needed and was waiting for most of all was also on a back order although the expected due by date was only a few days. I spoke to one of them who told me that it was now in stock and might go out that day and he said he would chase it up the following day. It didn't go out that day but he he did chase it up and sent me an email with a number he claimed I could use to track the item the following morning but the tracking number didn't work. I had to contact them again to find out that there was no tracking number because it had been despatched via Royal Mail 1st class post. I did receive it the next day so apart from the hassle it did work out okay. My apologies for the inconvenience of having to wait. You should still get it at a good deal if you are willing to wait. Saying that they haven't used that supplier before doesn't mean that they won't receive it or whether it will be delayed any further. Have a little faith, there is no reason that their supplier shouldn't fulfil the delivery. The person you spoke to probably didn't know much about it and painted a bit of a negative picture. Some of them are a bit clueless in my experience. Phoning them up and hassling them in order to put a little pressure on them to sort it out should help. I have now marked it as expired.


I phoned them up myself today after ordering, paying and waiting a whole week for delivery or some info. I was told that they wouldn't have any stock until the end of Feb. It also transpired that they hadn't used this supplier before and therefore couldn't be sure if they would actually arrive by then. Not impressed!


I phoned them up myself today after ordering, paying and waiting a whole week for delivery or some info. I was told that they wouldn't have any stock until the end of Feb. It also transpired that they hadn't used this supplier before and therefore couldn't be sure if they would actually arrive by then. Not impressed!

AVR USB Evaluation kit , maybe of interest for ps3 owners £22.95 + p&p @ Rapid Online
Posted 1st Sep 2010Posted 1st Sep 2010
AVR USB Evaluation kit , maybe of interest for ps3 owners £22.95 + p&p @ Rapid Online
- No stock and other site are reporting november before there will be any this if for ps3 piracy which is against forum rules. - polly69
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not in stock yet?


Might be an idea if Sony stopped selling recordable media then , and recordable devices, recordable media is of course needed in most cases to play these "backups" They get paid on either side of the coin.


Wasn't a massive buyer of DVD's then installed XBMC on my original Xbox1. The idea of having a library and collecting video is now seared into my brain, my DVD collection now numbers in the hundreds (if not more).


the hacking teams and there work do not go unnoticed by the console makers , in fact i would say they get alot of there inspiration from these hacking teams . i still use my xbox 1 to watch tvcatchup . still a great machine if modded . if not modded it would have gone in the bin and ended up on a rubbish pile in the third world somewhere , where children may have to burn it to extract the copper and this burning of plastic releases cancer causing smoke . mod your machine ...think of the children :D


yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me.....

Rapid Electronics - End Column Pricing
Posted 27th Mar 2008Posted 27th Mar 2008
Rapid Electronics - End Column Pricing
Until midday tomorrow (28th), Rapid Electronics is offering end column prices meaning you can get the bulk rate for electronic components and accessories.

Use Rapid a lot at school for ordering for the Science Department - excellent service with very fast delivery. Voted hot! EDIT: Just note that prices are excluding VAT! Delivery is free over £30, but £4.95 (+vat) below

Expired - Bosch pmf180e all rounder multi-tool saw sander £41.07 at Rapidonline
Posted 14th Feb 2008Posted 14th Feb 2008
Expired - Bosch pmf180e all rounder multi-tool saw sander £41.07 at Rapidonline
£41.07 delivered - £60 elsewhere I know tools are not hugely popular on here but this looks like an excellent tool for those fitting laminate flooring and I'm sure someone will fi… Read more

Just had a look at the website and it has went back up to £66.38 !!!!!!! So very well done to OP Great deal


Just got mine delivered, gave it a quick try and it looks and feels good. Cheers OP


Good spot. I wish I'd known about this seller before. They have really cheap 12V lead-gel batteries as well. Free delivery for any order over £30 + vat


Yes a gimmick, no good for sanding and takes an age to cut through anything harder than jelly. How did he live without it :? No, that's a decent tool that will cut :roll:


I need to trim some skirting preferably without removing it (and redecorating etc) so this should be just the job. Apparently this takes the Fein Multimaster blades.

Free delivery on all orders from Rapid Online!
Posted 30th Dec 2006Posted 30th Dec 2006
Free delivery on all orders from Rapid Online!
Free delivery on all web orders until 3rd January 2007. Now's the perfect time for anyone who's been looking to get into the electronics / electronic DIY scene, and has been lookin… Read more

Does anyone know if you can back order via the phone as the item that i want is out of stock...


This is back on for a few months - need to phone the order and quote "free" (it is from the April brochure) is £1.29 a good price for WD40 coz my zip has stuck and my panties are showing ? also do you get a regular mailing of the brochure with this coz I collect brochures and catalogues


Thanks, I've been visiting here for a while, thought it was high time I gave something back :)


Welcome to HotUKDeals Agoni and Thanks for the post ;-)


Thanks for the post Agoni and welcome to HUKD!

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