Rapunzel Hair Braider Doll £15 @ Asda

Rapunzel Hair Braider Doll £15 @ Asda

Found 17th Dec 2010Made hot 18th Dec 2010
Disneys Rapunzel Hair Braider Doll £15 instore .£24.99 in ARGOS and £29.99 on Amazon.


nice one, heat added X)

Excellent, bought yesterday for £25 from Argos, shall now unwrap it and return it back to Argos. Saved me a tenner, thanks OP :-) (if they have any left that is)

There's probably a reason why it's marked down in price. It's not easy to use. The hair gets tangled easy and it's rather hard to tie the bands onto the hair to get them started so it's impossible for my near 4 year old. I think in hindsight i would have just bought a plain doll without the hair braider. But heat added, because a deal is a deal!

Mrs B says that they didn't have this in our asda, they had the hair colour changing one at £15.

I brought this in Asda (brighton) last weekend, picked it up because my daughter has been saying she wanted one for ages, didnt actually realise it was such a deal!!
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