Rare replay Xbox one, £9.99 free c&c @ Smyths

Rare replay Xbox one, £9.99 free c&c @ Smyths



Any chance this coming to Switch or PS4?
pazuzu1730 m ago

Any chance this coming to Switch or PS4?

They are an Xbox game company
So many great games from one of my all time favourite developers Rare, unfortunately I think most of the original staff have left now, some joined up to make Yooka Laylee and I'm looking forward to what the do next.
Be aware, this is a PITA if you don't have decent internet bandwidth. Some games are completely missing, most need a day 1 update.
Worth a tenner of anyone's money, some of the older games aren't to my taste but very clever how they've implemented the snapshots to give you a little taster of some of the older games if you don't want to delve into them in their entirety.

The N64 titles especially make for hours of fun!
If only I could summon up the motivation to go through the 2nd Viva Pinata game and Perfect Dark Zero then i'll have 100% on this. Cracking collection of games and a lot of them hold up well today. Especially loved going through Sabre Wulf, one of the very first games I ever got on my Speccy 48k
Worth it just for perfect dark updated visuals and frame rate especially in two players in my opinion! Totally agree with previous comment about n64 games banjo kazooie, banjo tooie, confers bad fur day etc
Anyone else wish the goldeneye remake was available on this? Normally love Nintendo but hate the fact they had a hand in this never being a release😞 google rare thief goldeneye remake if you wanna see what we’re missing!
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