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Free Online Coding Club at Raspberry Pi
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Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Free Online Coding Club at Raspberry PiFREE£0.01
Code club with loads of activities to get invovled with - Games - Website - Music - Robot - Digital Art Includes Scratch, HTML, CSS, Python, Raspberry Pi, Sense Hat, Sonic Pi, Mic… Read more

Excellent, will get the 9 year old on this.. Thanks op!!


Hot, just what I've been looking for. I have the old Pi 1. Need to purchase the new Pi 4.



"Retro Gaming With the Raspberry Pi" book with free delivery. £7 instead of £10 with code @ Raspberry Pi Shop
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Posted 10th FebPosted 10th Feb
"Retro Gaming With the Raspberry Pi" book with free delivery. £7 instead of £10 with code @ Raspberry Pi Shop£7£1030%
This 164-page book shows you how to set up a Raspberry Pi to play classic games, and a whole lot more. Build your own portable console, full-size arcade cabinet, and pinball machin… Read more

Thank you (y) 👌


I should have added in the description that, as the Raspberry Pi Foundation is an education charity, all the profits from this book go to charity :D


Check out Pimoroni. They have everything from complete DIY parts through to ready-made cabinet based setups and everything in between. https://shop.pimoroni.com/collections/picade-and-arcade


I agree. I had a big collection from when I was young and ended up selling it all 5ish years ago because it was selling for so much. Its insane how much it all sells for now. N64 games are shooting up in price. I got a great amount for my Mega drive and Snes but looking at prices for the N64 games I lost out (still good though). I hope archive sites are around and Nintendo leave them alone... But I doubt it. It's all being killed and torrent sites are all that's available really. My Nvidia Shield TV can play everything up to Gamecube/Dreamcast/Saturn/PSP and I have almost everything. I still collect but go for newer ones now. It's more of a hobby now I can get everything I wanted as a kid / teenager.


If you want the actual laws: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/technological-protection-measures-tpms-complaints-process But here's an article I just found just now. https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/gaming/are-game-emulators-legal-1329264

Raspberry Pi 10,000 sticker pack giveaway
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Posted 14th Aug 2019Posted 14th Aug 2019
Raspberry Pi 10,000 sticker pack giveawayFREE£0.01
Would you like a Raspberry Pi sticker pack? We’re giving away a whopping 10,000 sticker packs to the first 10,000 people who fill in the form. All entries must be submitted by 1 Se… Read more

Just got mine too! :D (y)


Just received mine!


all gone :(


All packs have been claimed


I'd rather have the original stickers on the original system. I meant sheet :)

The Officlal Raspberry Pi Magazine is FREE to download
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Posted 24th Jun 2019Posted 24th Jun 2019
The Officlal Raspberry Pi Magazine is FREE to downloadFREE£0.01
A timely reminder with todays release of the PI 4 that the latest issue of The Magpi and all back issues are FREE to download...........you only pay if you want to buy the paper ve… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

https://camjam.me/?page_id=623 I bought one of these £8 which had the essentials.


Where's the best place to get a starter kit of components [power supply to breadboard, wires, gpio headers, resistors etc]. Like an all in one kit for not a lot of money. Would save me time instead of ordering loads from ebay/AliExpress individually


Thanks for that. I didn't realise it was on top of Raspian so I might as well have a mess around. I haven't got a spare TV or monitor so that's main reason I've not done it but I guess i can just hook it up to my TV to test ?


I think it is meant to run fine on 2 and 3, in the end essentially it is just displaying a webpage. If you read online there are people installing it on zeros, although I suspect more limited in terms of display and number of modules. However, its a one line install and installs on top of Raspbian so you don't lose anything by trying. When it installs it asks you if you want it to autostart via pm2 - if you are testing it you could omit that. I didn't do a mirror because its an old monitor I had lying around so the bezel is thick, because Mrs TN wanted photos, and because I'm an ugly sod who seldom looks in the mirror. However, its a cool concept and my next one will probably be replacing one of the mirrors in the bathroom and mirrored.


What's a raspberry pi?

Hackspace Magazine (Raspberry Pi) issue 18 FREE download
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Posted 22nd Apr 2019Posted 22nd Apr 2019
Hackspace Magazine (Raspberry Pi) issue 18 FREE downloadFREE£0.01
Edit: All magazines available here: hackspace.raspberrypi.org/issues (Credit and thanks: @Heavy_metal_man ) This issue is a Special on space, includes building your own satell… Read more

Wow thank you for the links (highfive)


https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/issues/ You can download the Raspberry Pi ones there https://wireframe.raspberrypi.org/issues/ and the game magazine ones there.


All of the magazines are availible for free on their website https://hackspace.raspberrypi.org/issues

An Introduction to C and GUI Programming - Free PDF Ebook @ raspberrypi.org
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Posted 13th Apr 2019Posted 13th Apr 2019
An Introduction to C and GUI Programming - Free PDF Ebook @ raspberrypi.org
Latest in a range of free pdf ebooks from the raspberry pi foundation. The Deal links to the pdf, other ebooks and past issue of the mag pi magazine (magazine about the raspberry p… Read more

Thanks, looks like an interesting book. I know nothing about the Raspberry Pi, so maybe this would be a good place to start. P.S. I just found the Official Raspberry Pi Beginners Guide, also free.


I got it for improving my Arduino skills!


Good stuff. Looks like a good book for learning C.


Thanks @R37R0

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The Raspberry Pi Annual 2018 - free pdf @ www.raspberrypi.org
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Posted 15th Feb 2018Posted 15th Feb 2018
The Raspberry Pi Annual 2018 - free pdf @ www.raspberrypi.org
80 pages of raspberry pi stuff for kids! Looks like a fun way into STEM skills for School kids.

The raspberry pi is not complicated, just think of it as a mobile phone with more usable ports or a mini single board computer. Yes it runs on linux primarily but the sd-card images provided are ready to go.


I build my own PC, but God, I feel technically inept when I see these things..


Love it.. thanks!!


Amazing, thank you


Loads of other PDFs & Docs at Raspberry Pi - MagPi

Free eBook - Hacking and Making in Minecraft
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Posted 1st Aug 2016Posted 1st Aug 2016
Free eBook - Hacking and Making in Minecraft
Raspberry PI have released a free ebook Hacking and Making in Minecraft.

Thanks Op, have some heat

The MagPi (Raspberry Pi) magazines and books in PDF format free from their official site.
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Posted 21st Jun 2016Posted 21st Jun 2016
The MagPi (Raspberry Pi) magazines and books in PDF format free from their official site.
All back issues, the current MagPi issue and their books are free to download as PDF's from the official website, free computers stuck on the front unfortunately not included. If … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Only just found this, thanks for sharing.


A new book on Scratch added today! https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/issues/essentials-scratch-v1/




Thanx OP.


looking to get a pi for my son so will have a look hoping there some good info on places to buy the gear thanks

Raspberry Pi zero + cable adapter set + 3 issues of MagPi Magazine
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Posted 19th Jan 2016Posted 19th Jan 2016
Raspberry Pi zero + cable adapter set + 3 issues of MagPi Magazine£12.99
Go easy on me, this is my first deal on here. The raspberry pi zero is a nightmare to get hold of and they are selling for silly money on auction sites. The Pi zero was given awa… Read more

I just wanted to inform any one, that they will setup a direct debit for this. As im holding it in my hands.


I believe video on Kodi is smooth enough - have a look at the YouTube videos showing the Pi Zero playing back HD videos stutter-free: e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8GZr2fyUY0


same for me too and less than a week later issue 42 arrived.


​Mine arrived about 2 days after I ordered.


I am still waiting to get issue 40. I have already received issue 42. How long does it take

The Mag Pi - Free PDF Version
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Posted 19th Dec 2015Posted 19th Dec 2015
The Mag Pi - Free PDF Version
The Mag Pi is the official magazine for the raspberry Pi. This month (Issue 40) they have launched the new Raspberry Pi Zero by giving it away on the cover of the magazine (good lu… Read more

I ordered a 3 month subscription for 12.99. See https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/subscribe/ Came a couple of days ago with the hardware. Includes a short (15cm) micro USB to USB cable and a mini HDMI to HDMI plug. Incredibly tiny board!


cold, it isn't free you have to use electricity to read it. Best off buying the mag


Just signed up, said they would post out today! Hadn't noticed you got a couple of cables as well. Thanks.


Also, the subscription comes with adaptor cables to convert the micro usb and micro hdmi


Cool, hadn't noticed that, thanks for letting me know.

Raspberry Pi Zero with The MagPi Issue 40 - £5.99
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Posted 26th Nov 2015Posted 26th Nov 2015
Raspberry Pi Zero with The MagPi Issue 40 - £5.99£5.99
The MagPi is the official Raspberry Pi magazine. It offers the latest news, reviews, features and tutorials dedicated to the world's favourite credit card-sized PC. Get your FREE R… Read more

I've ordered this online today as part of a 3 issue subscription - can cancel this once set up! https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/subscribe/ £12.99 for 3 issues starting with #40 with free Pizero & cable bundle


i really don't need one either, but for me, i think it's more the novelty of getting a free computer on a magazine more than the hype. although the hype is probably playing a significant role, to be fair :)


The rarity and hype of this issue makes me want to go out and buy it even though I don't need it. I've got one of the other versions and if I get this one it'll probably gather dust too.


well in the course of doing what i had to do today, i went in to two asdas, a wh-smiths, a tesco and a morrisons and didn't see a sign of any of them anywhere so i really am out now. i'll probably wait until the 10th to see if this second print run actually happens, otherwise i'll leave it.


I just got last copy in tesco welling

Full Mathematica: free with Raspberry Pi - £26.40
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Posted 21st Nov 2013Posted 21st Nov 2013
Full Mathematica: free with Raspberry Pi - £26.40£26.40
More information: http://www.wolfram.com/raspberry-pi/ http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/5282 http://blog.wolfram.com/2013/11/21/putting-the-wolfram-language-and-mathematica-on-… Read more

That's exactly what the deal should have read: 'Mathematica' is 'free for RasPis' with a price of zero! and 'get deal' should point at http://blog.wolfram.com/2013/11/21/putting-the-wolfram-language-and-mathematica-on-every-raspberry-pi/ (for instance) simples :p


You can also download an updated Raspbian image for an existing Pi. Not sure if the included version of Mathematica is somehow locked to runly only on a Raspberry Pi. If it is then you need a Pi so the price of this deal is either £0 if you already have one or £26.40 if you need to buy one. If it isn't then you don't even need a Pi and the deal price is £0. But we are rapidly disappearing up our own bumholes here over a semantic quibble. The spirit of this deal is to tell people about Mathematica being free for RasPis. Voted hot.


unless im misreading this, the software comes preloaded onto the Pi, so yes you do need to buy one


You don't need to purchase a new Pi any existing users with at least 600MB of free space on their SD card can install Mathmatica today by typing: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install wolfram-engine You’ll find Mathematica in the app launcher under the Education menu.


Thanks OP, title could do with a tidy up, anyway this is hot. I didn't know about this, it's useless to me judging by the content, however I can mention it to others :)

Raspberry Pi app Store - Games, apps and developer tools on offer
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Posted 19th Dec 2012Posted 19th Dec 2012
Raspberry Pi app Store - Games, apps and developer tools on offer
Download Client To download and use apps from the Pi Store you will require the Pi Store application. If you're using the official operating system image, the Pi Store will alrea… Read more

How do I enable silent installs


think you'll find this is a freebie, not in deals. Bah Humbug, it's nearly Christmas - I sent my Raspberry Pi back but still going to give some heat (_;)


sorry, how is this a deal again?

20% Off Raspberry Pi T-Shirts
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Posted 8th Dec 2012Posted 8th Dec 2012
20% Off Raspberry Pi T-Shirts
Put this under Computers rather than Fashion ;-) 20% off Raspberry Pi t-shirts until Monday - everything else appears to be full price though.

I have a brand new one that I will put in the FS section if it has interest??


The other half would LOVE this :) He's asked Santa for an actual Pi but as I haven't a clue ... could be a good compramise? HEAT


I want to be that brand of geek!


only a special breed of geek would wear this! ;)


No prices mentioned and getting hot! Hey peeps the t shirts are £52 take off 20% and they are still expensive. Or are they actually less? ;)

RaspberryPi.com : MPEG-2 license key
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Posted 5th Dec 2012Posted 5th Dec 2012
RaspberryPi.com : MPEG-2 license key£2.40
I know this has been posted before, but that post has expired and appears that the same offer is still valid (sorry could see a way to remove a Expired flag from an expired post). … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*


thanks, done that and now received it from them.


"Your license key will be delivered to you by email within 72 hours of ordering." Check your SPAM folder, if no I suggest you email store@raspberrypi.org and let them know you have yet to receive your code.


Has anyone got their code? how long does it take as I ordered mine on 5th March and still got nothing!!


And if someone from the Raspberry Pi foundation is reading that, I think it would be a tremendous idea. :D I had to vote this deal cold because it isn't actually a deal.

Raspberry Pi MPEG2 license £2.40
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Posted 26th Aug 2012Posted 26th Aug 2012
Raspberry Pi MPEG2 license £2.40£2.40
The Raspberry Pi Foundation is now selling licenses for hardware MPEG2 support. Basically the chip in the Pi has always had support for MPEG2 in the actual hardware, but to enable … Read more

No I played DTS no problem in a mkv


If they had added it people would moan about paying for a feature they never use. If its too expensive or you won't use it, don't buy it.


Really bad, copyrighting nonsense is so annoying DVD is a dead format anyway


It was to keep costs down yes as an mpeg2 license costs $2 per unit, almost 10% of the Pi's price point which is why the foundation decided to not include it by default. mpeg4 / h264 does need licensing and I believe it cost about $0.20 per device for h264 which is why that is included. Some guys were making good progress with decoding SD mpeg2 on the Pi natively at good frame rates before this was released. I guess that effort will probably stop now. Rob


waste of time, not a deal. cold! And I own a RPi!!!!!

Raspberry Pi £22 computer starts 29th at 6am
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Posted 28th Feb 2012Posted 28th Feb 2012
Raspberry Pi £22 computer starts 29th at 6am£22
The Raspberry Pi is set to go on sale at 6am on Wednesday 29th February. Limited to one per person for this initial run of 10,000. More units to be made later in the year. This i… Read more

RasPi arrived last week - setup raspbmc and is running nicely with android controller. With delivery it was £29


As a media player it's playing all I throw at raspbmc... however it will be useless as it stands as a media player unless you have a decent av amp to decode your hd audio because the pi won't do at present. This kind of kills it's use as a media player.


I modified my Atari 520 ST to have twin floppy drives. A pair of slimline drives could just about fit into the same space. I also soldered a blitter chip into it (with no noticeable difference in performance!).


ah those were the days when i had a sinclair spectrum, zx81, commodore 64, commodore amiga and atari st - oh and an atari st and loads of nintendo game and watches


I've just received mine today, but with work commitments looks like I won't be able to enjoy it for a good month or so :(