Rat on a Scooter XL - Iphone Game Now Free
Rat on a Scooter XL - Iphone Game Now Free

Rat on a Scooter XL - Iphone Game Now Free

Rat on a Scooter XL is now free - be warned, it's very addictive.

(Free for a LIMITED time)

The EXTENDED version is here! Kick start the scooter and head down to the suburbs to BURN RUBBER and perform stunts.
Includes 3 different game modes!


Great game from the best company in the store- highly recommended!

Not teh best name for the game but great to play. Voted Hot!

great game thanks op





been free for about a week!

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lol good post

Hi Lakeside just a quick question regarding a Toshiba tv Model no: 37RV555DB

I see from a post you made a while back that you have the 42" version of this tv (or did have) and was wondering what it was like for watching SD?

I mainly watch HD but was worried that without Resolution+ the picture while watching SD will be pretty rubbish.

Tried to PM but it seems you have them disabled.



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I keep changing my PM settings but they seem to revert each time.

I've found SD to be very good - I have a Humax Freesat HD box, Humax Freeview (SD) box and Sony Bluray player and am more than happy with SD and HD. The Freeview box has a fairly gruesome upscaling 'facility' but only noticeable from very close indeed, certainly closer than anyone would normally sit for watching tv.

There are plenty of settings write ups on the various AV forums which you can try - and overall I would say I am very happy with it.

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