Ratatouille - Limited Edition With Free Fridge Magnets DVD, only £9.98 @ Amazon!
Ratatouille - Limited Edition With Free Fridge Magnets DVD, only £9.98 @ Amazon!

Ratatouille - Limited Edition With Free Fridge Magnets DVD, only £9.98 @ Amazon!

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Okay we all know Ratatouille is available for £8 from Tesco - but at Amazon you can get the film - ltd edition + fridge magnets for only a couple of quid more - maybe interest some who havent got it yet - hence the post. Free delivery for orders £15 or more.
One key point: if you can get over the natural gag reflex of seeing hundreds of rodents swarming over a restaurant kitchen, you will be free to enjoy the glory of Ratatouille, a delectable Pixar hit. Our hero is Remy, a French rat (voiced by Patton Oswalt) with a cultivated palate, who rises from his humble beginnings to become head chef at a Paris restaurant. How this happens is the stuff of Pixar magic, that ineffable blend of headlong comedy, seamless technology, and wonder (in the latter department, this movie's views of nighttime Paris are on a par with French cinema at its most lyrical). Director Brad Bird (The Incredibles) doesn't quite keep all his spinning plates in the air, but the gags are great and the animation amazingly expressive--Remy's shrugs and nods are nimbler than many flesh-and-blood actors can manage. Refreshingly, the movie's characters aren't celebrity-reliant, with the most recognisable voice coming from Peter O'Toole's snide food critic. (This fellow provides the film's sole sour note--an oddly pointed slap at critics, those craven souls who have done nothing but rave about Pixar's movies over the years.) Brad Bird's style is more quick-hit and less resonant than the approach of Pixar honcho John Lasseter, but it's hard to complain about a movie that cooks up such bountiful pleasure. --Robert Horton


this is £17.99 in somerfield!
ill be ordering this!

Bought one two days ago instore at Tesco for £8, with stickers and cinema offer, dunno if it still on sale at this price but Tesco Jersey also have it for £8 Delivered!
Worth having a look

If you are not interested in the magnets, Tescos are selling at £8.00 instore. I picked a copy up yesterday.
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