Ratchet and Clank: A crack in time £35.94 delivered at Lovefilm

Ratchet and Clank: A crack in time £35.94 delivered at Lovefilm

Found 2nd Nov 2009
Using the XMAS10 code for the next 48 hours you can get this game for £35.94 delivered. I am looking to get this on day of release and cannot find a cheaper deal. Great game as well judging by the demos.
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Wow, cold already...has anyone got a better price as I would be happy to cancel and order elsewhere? Best I can find is a £3 voucher off at the hut but that is still a pound more than this...
Best current price but prob won't be many takers tho as it has some serious competition !

Prob be under £30 quite quickly I would have thought.
You are probably right but I would like to play it this weekend and I cannot see a better price just now.
Not sure I understand this site anymore....I thought a deal was a good (perhaps the lowest?) price for an item.
Yet there seems to be cold voting based on how popular this might be against other 'big' releases and/or how quickly it 'might' get reduced afterwards.
If you want to play this on Friday, is there (was there at the time) any better price?

Bear in mind that a game like Brutal Legend was released on the same day as Unchartered 2 yet still costs full price in most places. Surely the same principal applied here would have seen that game heavily discounted within days??
Tried the code but it keeps comming up with "A discount code has already been applied to your basket." ...................... think I'll leave it ....
It was only for 48 hours and has expired now I believe...
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