Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time PS3 Game £4.99 @ Game

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time PS3 Game £4.99 @ Game

Found 1st Dec 2016
Release Date: 18-Jan-2013

I know this was posted two weeks ago but its back in stock now and price has dropped back down.

Ratchet and Clank are back for another intergalactic quest on Playstation 3! Ratchet, the last Lombax cat in the universe, and his trusty robotic sidekick Clank embark on their best adventure yet. Filled with insane gadgetry and guns action, death-defying platform leaping and brain-tingling puzzles to solve, A Crack In Time is madcap fun. The Ratchet & Clank games have always been some of the most finely-polished and brilliantly inventive action-adventure games around. But in A Crack In Time, with Ratchet hunting for a mysteriously missing Clank, the series outdoes itself and every other game at every turn. With an arsenal of new weapons and lunatic inventions (as well as a few trusty ones from past games), free-roaming deep space exploration on the menu and an entirely new threat to the universe – time itself – to tackle, A Crack In Time is a must-buy for both fans of the series and anyone who loves inventive action gaming at its finest. Clank has been abducted and time is playing tricks on the duo as they begin a quest to reunite and save the universe once more. As The Great Clock ticks down, Ratchet discovers that his old enemy Dr Nefarious is behind Clank's kidnapping. With help from the mysterious Lombax, Ratchet must embark on a new mission to save his robotic buddy before Dr Nefarious gains control of the most powerful weapon in the universe... time itself. In this follow-up to the best-selling series, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time puts players into the role of both Ratchet and Clank as they attempt to reunite and save the universe. Along the way, both will finally uncover the hidden truth behind their origins and discover their ultimate destinies. As the duo come closer to reuniting, they’ll have to ask themselves the biggest question of all: Do Ratchet and Clank’s destinies lie with each other? Or is it finally time for the universe’s greatest duo to separate for good? An original new adventure and story that answers many of the fans’ most-asked questions wrapping up the story arc that started in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty. Travel freely through non-linear levels with new space gameplay that allows players to engage in space battles, explore the surrounding star system, and discover hidden items and collectables. Taking on the roles of both Ratchet and Clank, players will experience new gameplay with each character. Use Ratchet’s new Hoverboots to travel at high speeds, soar to new heights and jump off ramps to get to distant locations in search of Zoni and other rare collectables. Experience all-new Clank gameplay and special “time” abilities that bring meaning to “past selves.” The series’ renowned arsenal gets even larger with new weapons including the Cryo-Bomb Glove, Plasma Striker and Sonic Eruptor, along with classics such as the Negotiator and Buzz Blades.
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its a better game than the ps4 remake so heat from me
Superb game!
I only started playing these earlier in the year really enjoyed Tools Of Destruction have this to look forward to after i get back round to finishing Quest For Booty, great games I've heard this is the best have some heat
Still the best R&C game to date.
Thanks OP, just ordered
Is this multiplayer by any chance?

Is this multiplayer by any chance?

​dont think so
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