Raven Squad For Xbox360 £9.99 Brand New At Blockbuster Online
Raven Squad For Xbox360 £9.99 Brand New At Blockbuster Online

Raven Squad For Xbox360 £9.99 Brand New At Blockbuster Online

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Raven Squad has an intriguing concept behind it the game presents a blend of real time strategy and first person shooter play. The year is 2011, and it's four days from Christmas. There won't be a snowy Christmas morning for you though, oh no. You'll be traipsing around the Amazon with Raven Squad, an elite group of mercenaries led by a former SAS man going by the name of Paladin. You've been given a mission to pick up a hard disc containing sensitive data lost by a large corporation in a plane crash. It was never going to be straightforward though, was it? They're taken down by a surface to air missile and a fight for survival quickly ensues. Throughout the course of the game, players can switch from RTS mode to FPS at any time. In RTS mode they control their infiltrator and assault teams. If the phrase 'RTS' sends a shiver up your spine fear not! It's a stripped down version of the genre which won't demand base building and complex tech trees. If you want to get your hands dirty, though, just dive straight into the action in FPS mode at any time! Raven Squad also features co-op play, enabling two would-be mercenaries to take control of a squad each. There'll be no white Christmas for these guys!


LOL at review from gamespot, probably best to avoid unless you want your kids crying on xmas day!

Raven Squad is 90 percent first-person shooter, 10 percent strategy game, and 100 percent bad.

* Putrid voice acting
* Extreme linearity means no strategy
* Very easy and very short
* The shooting is bland and boring
* Abysmal AI.

Plenty of games feature mediocre voice acting, but few approximate the pain of driving a railroad spike into your ear canal. If you value sonic comfort, it's best to overlook Raven Squad when you see it in the bargain bin, which is where you'll find this embarrassing squad-based shooter in a few months' time. And yes, it's really just a shooter. Though Raven Squad has been touted as a hybrid of real-time strategy and first-person shooting, it's simply a bad FPS in which you can issue a few commands to your two squads from a top-down view. An overhead camera view isn't enough to claim that your game possesses strategic elements, and Raven Squad is so incredibly linear, and so easy, that you could never mistake your actions as "strategic" or "tactical." In addition, it is hard to look at and boring to play, so unless you're researching misleading advertising or offensive ethnic accents, you should stay far away from Raven Squad, lest it cause spontaneous aural bleeding.

Poor game, but the cheapest about, so hot from me.


Poor game, but the cheapest about, so hot from me.

Can`t vote hot my conscience wouldn`t let me :roll:

May be cheap for a game but if quality is bad then its not a good deal tbh

This my friends is the perfect gift for that nephew I do not like, so not all bad :-D


Great Price, voted hot!
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