Raven Squad (Xbox 360) preorder £17.99 at Play
Raven Squad (Xbox 360) preorder £17.99 at Play

Raven Squad (Xbox 360) preorder £17.99 at Play

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Due for release on 18/09/2009

> Combines real-time strategy and first-person shooter gameplay
> Intuitive command and camera systems
> Survive the Amazon jungle with unique event based missions
> Two-player online co-op though the entire campaign
> Squad based unit AI with active cover areas and destructible objects
> Propaganda and news movie inserts between missions
> Meet multiple factions and choose who you want to help
> Eight controllable units with unique attributes
> 5.1 atmospheric Dolby Digital Sound experience


game is rubbish, worst review i have ever seen! 2/10


1.0 Presentation
The direction and story could not be any worse.
3.0 Graphics
Ugly and poorly put together.
0.5 Sound
Amazingly bad voice acting. Seriously amazing.
3.0 Gameplay
Bad real-time strategy meets bad first-person shooting.
0.0 Lasting Appeal
Just another day in Raven Squad -- the worst squad ever.
Terrible OVERALL
(out of 10 / not an average)

One of the WORST stinkers in games!!!

Absolutely rubbish. Voice acting is TERRIBLE. The actors sounds bored..gives you a good indication of the game-play.
Graphics are way below par for a 2009 release.
My advice...AVOID!!!

Sorry poster really good price BUT incredibly horrible game.

thanks great price, just preordered.
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