Ravensberger Labyrinth £10.99 Prime / £15.74 Non Prime @ Amazon

Ravensberger Labyrinth £10.99 Prime / £15.74 Non Prime @ Amazon

Found 15th Dec 2016Made hot 16th Dec 2016
Cheapest I've seen this, wanted it last Christmas but missed the low price.


Great game!

Great game. Simple for younger kids to follow, but even my teens like it. Doesn't take too long either so we often play best of 3 or 5.
Bought as a punt from Home Bargains last year (£3 I think?), but would easily have paid more had I known how much play value we'd get from it. Heat.

Thanks OP, made me have look at this - well reviewed! £10.99 from Argos too, if that helps anyone.

iv wanted to get this game for ages! HEAT!

A great game (no Dice needed, easy/quick to set up)

+heat great game

Flame - on !

Great game, easy enough for my 3 and 5 year old, but very enjoyable to play for adults too!

This was £10 and change a few days ago for everyone.

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Price has gone up on Amazon so reserved one at my local Argos
We are just getting into ttg's so this will be nice to add to our collection

reserved at argos too thanks!

Missed it!

great game, though a little easy

fear not those who missed it as argos have price matched!!! £10.99 in argos! x

I know time machines don't exist but I stuck an alert in and picked it up for £7.99 in July
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