Ravensburger GraviTrax - Starter Set £24.99 at Amazon

Ravensburger GraviTrax - Starter Set £24.99 at Amazon

Posted 14th Aug
Experience the power of gravity! 'GraviTrax' is the all new STEM track system from Ravensburger! Use your imagination to build superb tracks and set the gravity spheres rolling! This STEM system Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths is an ideal one to teach kids about gravity, magnetism, kinetic energy and fun. Hit a snag? Freestyle with your own track design or use the tasks and blueprints included to help you to get started in the world of 'GraviTrax'! Are the gravity spheres stopping or flying off before reaching the end target? Time for some problem solving. Rebuild and try something different! The 'GraviTrax' track system can be extended indefinitely with extra track packs and add on's each sold separately. The starter set comes with over 100 components and offers everything you need to get started right away a pack full of endless possibilities and creativity.
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This looks cool, how much is it normally?
vaderag14/08/2019 16:32

This looks cool, how much is it normally?

I've has it in my basket for a while and it's been around £35-40 so looks a good price to me.
It has been as low as £20 before but decent price at present. I’d say this is about the right vale/price fir this.
My kids love this stuff and have a couple of add on packs aswell.
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