Ravensburger: Paper Creation RRP £29.99 only £5.99 delivered @ Play

Ravensburger: Paper Creation RRP £29.99 only £5.99 delivered @ Play

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Found 27th Jul 2010
Good price for this from what I can find is between £11.24 (Langton) and £22.99 (Amazon)

Paper Creation by Ravensburger is an unique machine to weave paper to create magnificent useful and fancy objects! The technology is very simple: It crosses the bands of paper in the apparatus to be grooved to be able to fold them more easily in 4 etc.

Then they fix these bands, according to the surface which they like to acquire the shape and they come to slip new bands in horizontal to begin the weaving.

Little by little a paper weaved surface appears. By gluing together surfaces they create a broad fan of objects from a frame, the pot with pencils, box and even a bag to carry.

* Includes:
* 1 apparatus to groove
* 1 machine to weave the paper
* 1 drum of paper
* 8 clamps for handle of bag
* 1 tube of glue
* Bands of printed paper
* 1 detailed notice

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