RavenShadow: An Adventure of the Spirit Kindle Edition at Amazon free

RavenShadow: An Adventure of the Spirit Kindle Edition at Amazon free

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“Blevins’ prose is razor sharp, his characters are clearly defined, and his heart, like so many, is at Wounded Knee. An outstanding novel.” —Booklist. From a three-time Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers Writer of the Year, this tale of lost faith and crowning redemption follows one American Indian’s spirit journey to heal his past and claim his future.“RavenShadow has the impact of a hurled war lance.” —Dee Brown, author of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

Joseph Blue Crow discovers why he has spent his life in the shadow of the raven. And now, for the first time, he feels able to walk the good red road. He will dedicate his life to recording the personal stories of the descendants of the Lakota people who died at Wounded Knee. In the light of truth, he says, may all heal.
Blue was born to carry the sacred ways of the Sioux. But instead he has walked the road of booze, women, and the blues. Now he finds himself on railroad tracks with a train roaring toward his car. Only his best friend’s words can save him: “You got to go on the mountain.”

Blue starts going into the sweat lodge, and then onto the mountain to cry for a vision in the old way. There he sees that he has always lived in the shadow of a raven’s wing, a dark past he has tried ignore.

The student is ready, and the teacher appears. Blue joins a group called the Big Foot Memorial Riders in a challenging journey, riding along the route of Chief Big Foot and his people to Wounded Knee, where the band met a terrible end exactly one hundred years ago.

At the site of the massacre the Riders perform a ceremony to honor the dead and release the spirits of the Lakota people from what happened there. And Blue receives an astonishing gift: A medicine man helps him travel back a century so that he can actually see and feel his ancestors fall under fire of the guns.

After this extraordinary experience, Blue is able to move forward in his life with peace and purpose.

“No one can come away from this magnificent work without feeling humble and meditative. . . . Blevins beautifully and skillfully merges the past and the present.” —El Paso Times
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