RAVPower Mini USB Car Adapter 24W 4.8A - Dual Port iSmart 2.0 £3.99 Prime / £7.98 Non Prime  @ Amazon  / SVT (Black)

RAVPower Mini USB Car Adapter 24W 4.8A - Dual Port iSmart 2.0 £3.99 Prime / £7.98 Non Prime @ Amazon / SVT (Black)

Found 13th Apr
Good price for prime delivered or those topping up baskets for free delivery, promo seems to be working on the Red and Black versions (grab promo from under price on amazon page and redeem - discount will apply at checkout)

Red now upped in price, black still aval

For iPhone X / iPhone 8 / Galaxy S8 and More

The RAVPower RP-VC006 is the smallest aluminum alloy coated USB charger on the market at only 0.8oz. Ideal for almost any vehicle, once connected to the cigarette lighter port, you can simultaneously power two devices - including two tablets - thanks to the combined 4.8A output. Featuring scratch-resistant coating, it will always look as new as the day you bought it.


iSmart technology automatically detects and delivers the optimal charge; making it the fastest, most effective way to power any connected device. With two 2.4A iSmart ports, fast charging has never been easier.

Constant Charge

The battery input of 12-24V is standard across all cars; however there are times when it can exceed this standard. When you hit the ignition switch or when the car accelerates, the input can be anywhere from 8V to as high as 30V. No matter the voltage, the USB charger will automatically adjust to protect your device and charge at a steady rate.

Great Power, Great Responsibility
The car charger comes with a number of built-in protection methods to keep your device safe. The built-in over & under voltage, over-current, and over-temperature protections ensure your mobile phone and other device's safety needs are guaranteed.

  • The Smallest Metal Car Charger: Outputs a powerful 4.8A punch packed inside a tiny thumb-sized body for incredible performance from such a small size
  • Charge Smart, Charge Fast: Improved iSmart 2.0 Technology always learns and outputs the optimal current for your device and every device. Upgraded Version for better performance.
  • Dual USB Output: Two 2.4A USB ports are powerful enough to charge even the largest and most power-demanding devices
  • Sturdy And Sleek Body: Includes a compact aircraft-grade aluminium alloy body with a scratch-resistant finish to always keep it looking new
  • Completely Protected: Premium circuitry with built-in high-temperature, over-charging, and short-circuit protection guarantees a 100% safe charging experience
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Ordered, thanks OP. Took a while to figure out you needed to click on the promotions bit to add the voucher code!
Picked as the best car USB charger by Wirecutter. I'd get it if I didn't already have an Anker car charger.

What makes this one better than the ones on ebay that cost around £2.50?
Just got a twin pack of these and they are excellent, really nice quality item and fast charging.
Just paid £6.99 for this last week!
These are so useful!
It seems very small for something so powerful.
Ordered. Thanks OP.
Thanks for this. Hot.
WheresMeNuts8 h, 13 m ago

What makes this one better than the ones on ebay that cost around £2.50?

The quality is very good. Not plastic, but metal or ceramic. We got one of these for the back charger and a 4 port one for the front one (with quick charge)

Excellent product s
Definitely a quality product, charges well consistently unlike the cheap ones which failed to boost charge when using phone as sat nav. Paid ~£7 a year or so ago.
Does this have fast charge?
Thank you
Not showing on the promos
Back to 9.99
Not expired but 5.99 for the black one
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