Raybans from £69 at secretsales

Raybans from £69 at secretsales

Found 7th Dec 2016
Pretty good discounts on Raybans on Secret Sales. Cheapest pair are £69 and biggest discount is £110 (51%).

But, be warned the dispatch date will be between 20 Dec and 3rd Jan, so maybe more of a present for yourself!
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Or £6.99 from China with 30 day postage.
They're probably not real Raybans though

They're probably not real Raybans though

My son went to buy some from the dodgy African looky looky men in Spain.....the bloke promised they were authentic, maybe not noticing they had the name 'Raybon' on the frame.
Get them for a fiver from Facebook. Usually the same people that post those movie links.
Even for a fiver, the Wayfarer design is plug ugly.
Expect this SecretSales "Waybans" deal to be on Watchdog in the New Year
be very wary of deals on ray bans, there are plenty of scams with forgeries around.
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