Rayman & Rabbids Family Pack 3DS - 3 retail games in 1 - £15 - Amazon

Rayman & Rabbids Family Pack 3DS - 3 retail games in 1 - £15 - Amazon

Found 26th Jan 2015
The Rayman and Rabbids Family Pack for Nintendo 3DS bundles together two Rabbids games – Rabbids Rumble and Rabbids 3D – and the already classic Rayman title, Rayman Origins.

This is a great value, fun game collection at an amazing price. I highly recommend it purely for Rabbids 3D which is a simple, but engaging fun platform game. Think of it like a Mario clone. This game retails for £16 on Amazon on it's own: amazon.co.uk/UBI…N0J

Rayman Origins was well received on the 3DS and still retails for around £20. It again is a platform game with lots of levels and StreetPass integration: amazon.co.uk/UBI…3DS

In Rabbids Rumble you are tasked with collecting 102 different Rabbids through playing various mini-games - all the aspects of the 3DS are used [mic, 3D effect, gyro...]. Again, it retails for £13 still: amazon.co.uk/UBI…N0J


Rabbids 3D - nintendolife.com/rev…3ds
Rayman Origins: nintendolife.com/rev…ins
Rabbids Rumble: cubed3.com/rev…tml
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