Razer Atrox Arcade Stick - PC / XBox - £89.99 / £99.89 delivered @ Overclockers

Razer Atrox Arcade Stick - PC / XBox - £89.99 / £99.89 delivered @ Overclockers

Found 8th Feb 2017
Used one of these last week and was amazed at the build quality compared to the MadCatz stuff I usually buy - so was casually looking for a deal on one of these. Then this landed in my inbox this evening from overclockers.

Still £179 from Razer store here - razerzone.com/gb-…one

Cheaper in other places, but average used price on eBay is £100, new for £130. Camelcamelcamel uk lists lowest at £122.23 on Amazon.

I've personally found Overclockers to be great but I know they split opinion.

Anyway, hopefully somebody finds this useful
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If you planning on using on pc, it doesn't work properly RT and LT button will not work on pc.

I just gone mine on Monday.
It works perfectly fine on Xbox one.
There's no problem with the stick
It's Microsoft driver problem.

It's doesn't install the correct driver when you plug in. You select the older version of the driver for it to work. This for Windows 10.

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That's a bit crummy. You happy with it on XBOne?
Has it got Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons?

That's a bit crummy. You happy with it on XBOne?

The stick is beautiful. Better than the mad cats one. You can open it up with just a press of a button and rewire the button. Very nice features. Just shame about the Microsoft support for it.
May be work in future but still this problem been a couple years
Will this work with Raspberry Pi 3?
​microsoft support for xbox one controllers is sux in global. i have the same problem with the madcatz te2. this controller for this price is massive HEAT
oos. im not surprised all gone
Similar to my xbox 360 atrox but they really need to dump their stupid cable connectors and go with a standard usb cable.
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