Razer Black Friday Sale

Razer Black Friday Sale

Found 10th Nov 2015
Razer, a decent brand in the PC gaming peripherals world, albeit not the cheapest! However at some of the prices for these, this should be a great sale. More deals coming on Nov 16th!! Use code BFVIPGB at checkout for these offers!
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what offers?

More offers set to be added on Nov 16th!
click the link it shows the before and after code price

what offers?

You could click the link....
Lol what nerds saying Its cold lol hot hot hot i just get 2 data Ago deathaddera chroma ;/ but still amazing
these deals are always ****. every year. swear one of them there was a discount but you had to include shipping from the USA and duty last time. razer ain't all that any way.

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Agreed, would not touch razer these days. Your paying a big percentage for the name, even with these discounts.
I got a Blackwidow ultimate stealth from some offer they had earlier in the year, I think it was £60, it's pretty good but the key font is a little embarrassing. I just started using it again after having it int he cupboard for a few months after I spilt beer all over it, crunched through the dried sticky keys now no worries. The hype and boot-licking on the site in advance of the offers was really nauseating though, they're like the Apple of PC peripherals...
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Do not buy Razer products. Terrible quality that will only last a few months.
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