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Razer Holiday Bundle 2018 - £99.99 @ Currys
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Razer Holiday Bundle 2018 - £99.99 @ Currys

Posted 8th Dec 2018
Deal Includes Keyboard, Mouse and Mouse Mat with 2 years guarantee!
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Package include. Abyssus Essential Optical Gaming Mouse + Goliathus Chroma Gaming Surface + Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard
Can't even find a price compare... Is this a decent saving?
Dhiraj134 m ago

Can't even find a price compare... Is this a decent saving?

Not really. Be better off buying a standalone £40-45 keyboard, a £40-45 mouse and a £10-15 mouse mat of your choice IMO.
Edited by: "EagleUK" 8th Dec 2018
Keyboard is a membrane one...

It does seem cheaper than buying separately, however you are really just getting a basic keyboard and mouse with added some RGB light. It's not a mechanical keyboard or one of Razer's more specialist mice such as a Naga.
Edited by: "Alnilam81" 8th Dec 2018
mouse is good, mouse pad is decent if it is your thing, keyboard is membrane so not really worth it... i would recommend buying the mouse separately and buying a good mechanical for 50-60 £
the point of having lights on a mousepad is absolutely lost on me
LOL at the LED mouse mat....
A standard mouse, a crap tier keyboard and a rubber mat with lights on it for £100?

I'd skip on this one, I think you're mostly just paying for the name.

Personally I'd skip Razer altogether anyway, but that's just me.
Edited by: "disciple" 8th Dec 2018
Seems like a good deal but that keyboard is membrane which is a no no in my book
Wouldn’t recommend, Keyboard is membrane and mouse is mundane, mousepad is pretty irrelevant just another selling point.

All these items separately are pretty much worth the price they’re asking for, just buy a mechanical keyboard and mouse of your own choice.

My opinion.
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