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Razer Kishi (xCloud) for Android - Smartphone Controller (USB-C Connection, Ergonomic Design, Analog Stick, Low Latency,) £36.53 @ Amazon

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About this deal

About this item
  • Ergonomic Multi-Function Button Layout: Individually remap each of the 4 multi-function buttons to your preferred command—the same extended control you get from the Raiju Mobile’s console predecessor.
  • Hair Trigger Mode: Enable hair trigger mode via two additional switches—trigger stops—on the underside of the controller for ultra-fast responses.
  • Adjustable Phone Mount: Get the best gaming experience by simply adjusting the phone mount to your preferred viewing angle—up to 60 degrees tilt.
  • Razer Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons: Experience the best of both worlds—a unique combination of a soft, cushioned touch with crisp tactile feedback.
  • Mobile App Configuration: Create profiles for your preferred games, remap multi-function buttons and more to create your perfect in-game experience anywhere.
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  1. BackupA2's avatar
    these days, every penny counts
  2. BreakingBank's avatar
    Wondering would this work for ps5 remote play, using a s23 ultra ?

    Wanting to play fifa 23 and gran turismo 7 as I'm working from home
    nobbynuts's avatar
    Think the s23 ultra is too big. But don't think it'll work for ps5 remote play as it's Xbox configuration (edited)
  3. bumbaclart's avatar
    Does this fit the Samsung fold 4? (edited)
    m.ad's avatar
    Most of the ones with a USB-C connection won't, and even if they do the large tablet screen will extend below the controller (which personally, I don't like). I use a Nacon MG-X Pro with my Fold 4, and I find it great (more substantial than the Kishi I used with my old S10, and the MG-X non-Pro has spongy triggers)
  4. nimdog's avatar
    My dream is this price on the iPhone version =/ (edited)
    Toon_army's avatar
    Have you not tried Cex?
  5. UM88's avatar
    Doesn't work with COD unfortunately in case any one is looking to play
    Smadmad's avatar
    It does but with a workaround of having a Bluetooth controller connected to your phone, which is a little pointless
  6. Mersa223's avatar
    I believe this doesn't work with Genshin Impact? Can anyone confirm?
    Spectral's avatar
    No controllers do on Android without messing about with screen mapping software that simulates touch inputs. For some reason the devs wont add it despite it being available on every other platform.
  7. Mario__wale's avatar
    Does xbox One work with Android games or needs xbox games only ?
    I play Leos fortune at the moment
    MugenPower's avatar
    I am going to agree with @jrwagh333 here. Your original question and subsequent follow up for that matter doesn’t make sense. You say Xbox One as if you are talking about the console itself i.e. Xbox One.

    After reading a few times, I assume you are trying to ask:
    “This Xbox branded version of the controller does it work like a normal controller or does it only work for xbox cloud?”

    If that’s the case, this controller is just like a normal controller which plugs into USB-C port. It acts like a normal controller and isn’t just for xbox cloud gaming. (edited)
  8. Sliwka's avatar
    How does it compare with playing games like efootball or 2k2023 to play on the PS4? Except screen size, obviously
  9. theworkingdead's avatar
    Wanted something like this for a while. I have a Sony Xperia 1 iv, anyone got any experience with that set up?
  10. Wowwowlol's avatar
    Worked well with my OnePlus 7 Pro but unfortunately doesn't fit my Z50 Ultra
    JaredPoli's avatar
    S23 Ultra does fit if you remove the rubber pads, mine does. So if it's the same or smaller than this lump it should fit
  11. Neostar's avatar
    Has anyone tried this controller on a Xiaomi 12T Pro?
  12. SmokeyB's avatar
    I bought this for my S20 FE and it works great. Need to take the silicone case off though.
  13. MaxxHaze's avatar
    Long shot I know but does anyone know if this works with War Robots on Android? I know WR does support controllers but wondering if it key maps OK?
  14. DealHunterChaos's avatar
    For a cheaper way to use a controller on your phone if you already have an XBox controller. Not as well balanced or portable but for £5 ok. Hope this helps someone.

    Venom Xbox Controller Phone Mount (Xbox One) amzn.eu/d/2…4uL
    Eruo's avatar
    The mount also works on the Stadia controller with a slight bit of filing the plastic to fit the USB-C port. I got the Travel and Charge Kit a couple of years ago which also includes a controller case, spare charge pack and micro USB cable.
  15. Gugan91's avatar
    Does this fit a pixel 7 pro?
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