Razer Orochi Elite 6400 DPI Notebook Gaming Mouse (OCUK)

Razer Orochi Elite 6400 DPI Notebook Gaming Mouse (OCUK)


Hot, but not as hot as the Naga Hex Expert Action RPG/MOBA Gaming Mouse for£34.99 from £89.99 LINK- were 9 in stock after I got mine.
Ty for the heads up!

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I don't recommend razer normally but if you like smaller mice in general or need one for your laptop this thing is great and fully ambidextrous.

I've had two orochi mice now and they work really well. I prefer having a mouse that doesn't fill my entire palm so if you're used to larger mice this will take some getting used to.

Its Bluetooth so doesn't require a wire and rechargeable batteries can be removed and replaced which is a plus. Also, unlike the logitech MX anywhere 2 I bought recently this is usable while wired whereas the logitech only allows charging while wired.

My only gripe with it is the side buttons not being as easy to press as they should be.

lovely mouse for laptop, got one myself
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