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Posted 5 January 2023

Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox Controller - White/Black/Blue/Yellow - £24.95 @ Amazon

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Blue / Yellow / White / Black

About this item
  • Quick Charge For Minimal Gaming Downtime: Able to fully charge your controller in under 3 hours, the stand is also designed with overcharge protection to prevent overheating and short circuiting.
  • Universal Compatibility With all Xbox Controllers*: Whether you’re on next-gen, last-gen, or staying old school, the Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox works with all controllers old and new. *Excluding Xbox Elite Controller 5
  • Magnetic Contact System For Secure Charging: Mount your controller easily and never worry about its charge being interrupted thanks to a magnetic design that secures the controller to the stand.
  • Matches Your Xbox Controller For a Seamless Look: To perfectly suit your setup, this charging stand uses the same durable material and shares the same striking colors as official Xbox Series X|S controllers.
  • One-handed Navigation For Convenient Use While Charging: The charging stand has been ergonomically engineered so you can comfortably use the controller to navigate through your Xbox dashboard even while it’s docked.
  • Powered by USB For Flexible Connectivity: Simply hook up the charging stand to your Xbox, PC, or compatible wall plugs to get it working.
  • Compatible devices: game consoles
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  1. bob_hoskins's avatar
    Black, green and blue are the same price too.
    bob_hoskins's avatar
    Black, blue and green also the same price at BT Shop.
  2. Fabby's avatar
    This comes with a rechargeable battery pack as well right?

    The red one is £37... - best match for a red controller? (edited)
    b3nwhy's avatar
    Yes the battery is included. You can see in the black and white diagram on amazon listing.
  3. jasonht's avatar
    Shame you cant buy the batteries seperate as id be happy to have one stand keep between a few controllers, but cant seem to buy them seperately.
  4. Shoobz's avatar
    I have no understanding as to what the need is for this product. Just use the type c cable that comes with the console. Or am I missing something?
    b3nwhy's avatar
    In my opinion, the control sits on the dock without needing to "plug it in" with a cable. Also, it sits nicely on your table top, which is why I went for it.
  5. Smoke_me_a_kipper's avatar
    Been using mine for over a month now, the battery pack is a little awkward to fit at first but no issues apart from that. Its definitely not worth the RRP but this is a really good price for a cool looking docking station
  6. Felis's avatar
    Why choose this over much cheaper Venom ones? Genuine question.
    nobbynuts's avatar
    I have 3 venoms. They're really good
  7. mattlong37051's avatar
    I have one of these my only issue is my charge status light never ever changes from amber to white apart from that does what it says on the tin
  8. coalfield's avatar
    Is this a good price? What is it normally?
    TheHollowMan's avatar
    RRP is something ridiculous like £50. £25 is closer to what the actual price should be
  9. wakkaday's avatar
    Could you charge pro switch controllers o this
    Illusionary's avatar
  10. Ellipsisdivision's avatar
    Are Razer worth the extra? This does seem reasonable but I've yet to own any razer gear. Really wouldn't want to be disappointed given that their reputation hasn't exactly been stella (edited)
  11. mbg77's avatar
    Rather buy a double standard speed charger for less personally
's avatar