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Razer Xbox Controller Charger - £24.99 @ Amazon

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These are usually £49.99 but currently going for £24.99 for the black one. Would never have considered at full price but got one and I'm impressed.

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About this item
  • Quick Charge For Minimal Gaming Downtime: Able to fully charge your controller in under 3 hours, the stand is also designed with overcharge protection to prevent overheating and short circuiting.
  • Universal Compatibility With all Xbox Controllers*: Whether you’re on next-gen, last-gen, or staying old school, the Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox works with all controllers old and new. *Excluding Xbox Elite Controller 2
  • Magnetic Contact System For Secure Charging: Mount your controller easily and never worry about its charge being interrupted thanks to a magnetic design that secures the controller to the stand.
  • Matches Your Xbox Controller For a Seamless Look: To perfectly suit your setup, this charging stand uses the same durable material and shares the same striking colors as official Xbox Series X|S controllers.
  • One-handed Navigation For Convenient Use While Charging: The charging stand has been ergonomically engineered so you can comfortably use the controller to navigate through your Xbox dashboard even while it’s docked.
  • Powered by USB For Flexible Connectivity: Simply hook up the charging stand to your Xbox, PC, or compatible wall plugs to get it working.
  • Compatible devices: game consoles; Included components: 1 piece

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    1100mah if that's of any use to anyone (edited)
    Wow that's naff. I'll stick to my 2500mAh AA Eneloops.
  2. Avatar
    1100mAH, terrible battery life. 2 Ikea Ladda 2450 rechargeables give you over 4x (nearly 5x) that much and cost half the price with their charger. (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Looks good! Ordered for the collection. TY (edited)
    Thinking about ordering another myself. Good quality compared to my PowerA one.
  4. Avatar
    Got this when the deal was up last time and no regrets tbh. Really nice piece of kit. No issues so far.
  5. Avatar
    Just picked up an Xbox 360. Is this compatible?
    Don't believe so. There's just covers included - one for series s/x controllers and one for xbox one controllers.

    The 360 had the batteries in a vertical orientation and the one onwards was horizontal.
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    Got one last time as well, very nice kit, but I can’t find batteries sold separately - ideally I’d use it to charge one controller while using another
    Same, I dont seem to be able to find a compatible battery anywhere. The original version of this by venom does spare batteries. Kinda wishing id just gone for that now (they have changed the contacts....) (edited)
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    Personal preference I suppose but I think the battery capacity is lower on the Venom
  8. Avatar
    Got one of these, it’s excellent. Much better looking than cheaper alternatives. I paid much more than this so a steal at this price.
  9. Avatar
    Would I have to use the stand to charge the battery? or can i just plug usb-c power directly into the controller?
  10. Avatar
    I own several variations of these, but I never understood the need to spend more than a cable jusy for the convenience - or am I missing something?
    errr.. why would you buy one if you clearly think you don't need it? I just use a cable myself.. it works.. with my play n charge kit batteries i got for Xbox One..and my PS5 and Switch USB C charge cables (edited)
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    Anyone know if these work with Scuff Instinct / Instinct Pro controllers?
  12. Avatar
    At 25 quid, it makes the Elite 2 controllers look really cheap (still at Clearance Bargains for 60). The case acts as a charger, like this.
    Agreed, 60 is great. I paid 80 for my new elite 2 controller which the charger and kit case. Worth that but £160 is crazy. I removed the switches at the back though. It’s far nicer than the stock controller. (edited)
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    I bought the White version personally when this offer last came around a few weeks ago.
    This is a really nice remote control charger and fits seemlessly with the remote.
    I highly recommend. This is a very premium product and is working and looking good.
    There's a small LED at the bottom which is not too invasive.
    I've never bought a Razer product before and this was a really well packaged product - Just opening the box and unpacking all the bits felt like it was a premium product.
    It comes with a decent length USB C cable (which is flat has an interesting texture).
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