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OSVR HDK 2 headset £99.99 delivered w/code @ Razer [ PC / Open Source VR)
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
I don't know huge deal about this one personally, but at £99.99 delivered if you've been wanting to check it out, it's a no brainer - 2160 x 1200 dual-display (1080 X 1200 per eye)… Read more

Can anyone who owns one... when in steam i presume you start steam in vr, do you have to just start a game in vr or do you have to choose oculus , vive or OSVR etc




Can you send the link to this please..thanks.


I have read that the IR for tracking can be improved by updating the firmware...only problem with that is you have to take apart the unit and buy a (albeit cheap) ST-Link USB dongle to connect to an internal header. I am most certainly going to be doing that before passing negative judgement on the unit. Certainly although future support looks bleak there is plenty of gaming options there for its £100 that is for sure...not to mention being able to use it as a movie theatre...a decent enough dip in the water into the world of VR whilst the marketplace matures more that is for sure.


nearly cancelled my order but saw a few youtube vids with decent project cars & elite dangerous vr clips & some saying once set up it should play just about any vr game on steam so i thought fk it..... £99.00 ive got to give it a go...

Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Had my eye on this for a while, now is the time to buy. Razer rarely have 50% off deals. Not sure how much stock there would be! Tech Specs Razer™ Mechanical Switches with 50g act… Read more
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I can confirm this is the case. I only thought of it after I purchased, but have had it confirmed by Razer. I'm sticking with it, as it's a gift for my son and tbh he will adjust easily to the US layout (I hope!)


I just bought this great, also as an extra bit of info; Use Promo code GGL33T for free stuffAnother thing was shipping for me was £10 and needed to spend another £19 to get free shipping so added the ammo pack as well


I could be mistaken, but I don't think this has a proper UK layout option like their other keyboards.


Well for 60pounds you can buy 1 used from eBay. I got myself a Chroma X sealed for 54 pounds with the delivery and before that I owned the older Blackwidow Chroma, which was used, but it came in a great condition. I like razers products, but they are kinda overpriced


The Blackwidow X and the Ultimate used to be available with MX Blues.

Razer Raiju PS4 Controller with Four Programmable Buttons & Quick Control Panel £104.99 delivered @ razer.com
Found 10th Nov 2018Found 10th Nov 2018
Down from £149.99 to £104.99 delivered. Engineered to take your console gameplay to the next level, the Razer Raiju for PlayStation® 4 features four additional fully-programmable… Read more
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Feel the same...


Comments on threads like this are always amazing. Tbh this always started out at to much money in the first place. I just upgraded to a nacon 2 and it's great. Dual shock 4 is good but the nacon for me is just superior. I play a small amount of comp overwatch but that's about it, the extra buttons can help in any game you want like for me recently it's horizon. I held the razer yesterday and it's just not great to hold.


not even wireless. wow lol is this just aimed at cod players to make them think they get an extra few frags each game


https://collectiveminds.ca/shop/playstation/strikepack-fps-dominator I think this is what you mean. I use wireless headphones so have just bought one. Good reviews too. Lowest Amazon price is £34.99


Does this come with the console for this much?

Razer Tartarus V2 £64.99 using code VIP18 at  Razerzone
Found 7th Nov 2018Found 7th Nov 2018
Cheapest I've seen for a while, usually £79.99 but until the end of the weekend its reduced with the code VIP18 to £54.99 with £10 shipping unless you can find something else to br… Read more

cant get the code to work ;(


Take a keyboard, cut it down to the very left-most section, let's say caps-lock through F. Now shape what's left to your hand. That is what this product is. As for why you'd want one, basically comfort when playing games or perhaps working with software that requires a mouse. By having a small keyboard you can position it and your mouse in spots where your hands naturally rest. A full-size keyboard is too big for that.


This code works for keyboards too. Just knocked myself £39 off the Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition.


Thx dude, probably I'll take that :) will be nice with my razer naga mmo.


I agree with you saying can't go back. I don't have any comparisons between the two. I've previously considered the G13, but my Nostromo N52te is pretty much bomb proof so I have no need to replace it with any other device yet. (That, and I don't game on my PC anywhere near as much as I used to before my favourite MMO closed down (City of Heroes/City of Villains :( )

Razer Core X eGPU for Windows and Mac Now in stock £249.99 @ Razer
Found 29th Oct 2018Found 29th Oct 2018
Been out of stock since launch, stock now available and with a £10 voucher for new customers when you sign up to the newsletter. Voted Macworld editors choice eGPU for Mac, Window… Read more

That's not really what these are for tbh. It's for augmenting a laptop with a new GPU and other devices, true enough, but we're usually talking about laptops in the £1200-£2500 range here. My current PC is dying so I'd use this to reuse my GPU. Replacing with like-for-like components for a new gaming PC would cost somewhere in the order of £1000 - 1500 for something that I'd actually want as a desktop. Also, it could sit by my sofa so I can still play games and things without having to retreat to the home office that houses my main PC... so it's all about convenience and use case. There's also the argument against multiple PCs and having the expense of two copies of windows etc etc etc blah blah. And now I've just noticed that I'm replying to a four month old post. Good grief I need a holiday.


I wouldn’t plug this into your desktop as it only runs at x4 PCI-E through thunderbolt 3 and will not perform as well as slotting into a desktop x16 PCI-E, also I don’t think many desktop motherboards have a Thunderbolt 3 slot, maybe USB-C but this will not work through USB-C. I keep the core X at the office so I can plug into my MacBook Pro for faster rending, and it allows you to play more resource-hungry games.


Everyone is saying "build a desktop or get a laptop." In my situation, I have a desktop I built this year, just no GPU in it yet. But I also need a laptop for when I travel - I'd like to game then as well. So... Doesn't it make sense to get this and plug it into my desktop when at home, laptop when away?




stubborn and angry

Razer Turret Living Room KB+Mouse £94.99 @ Razer
Found 15th May 2018Found 15th May 2018
Razer Turret Living Room KB+Mouse £94.99 @ Razer
£94.99£149.9937%Razerzone Deals
Raze doing a promo, up to 40% off selected items...plus £10 off code for signing up to newsletter, on orders over £100. Cheapest ever for Turret I think.
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When you click add to cart description says US layout only


Are you sure, the full product code had -EU on the end? Really, prod


US layout only (annoyed)


K360 (K340 looks mia), is £30+, then you need a half decent gaming mouse, some mdf, some glue and finally some way of making it rechargable...there isn't gonna be much change left over, and it's gonna look pretty homebrew!


Just a gimmick. Could sort something out for a quarter of the price.

Razer Deathstalker Essential - Gaming Keyboard - £23.99 Delivered @ Razerzone
Found 21st Mar 2018Found 21st Mar 2018
Razer Deathstalker Essential - Gaming Keyboard - £23.99 Delivered @ Razerzone
What a great keyboard for under £15! On Amazon they are £55 so i figure this is a pretty good deal. I bought 4 to get free delivery :P

Mine arrived today was hoping to keep 2 of the 4. But mine is also US layout which is really annoying.


US or UK layout?


Mine arrived this morning, four of the keyboards came neatly packaged. I took one out but found its pretty meh... there's no backlight and the design feels basic. Hopefully i'll still be able to sell them


Anyone else get theirs yet? What layout have you received? Mine are US... :(


You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s exactly the same with rgb lights

Razer Fragfest deals up to 50% off. Black widow Tournament £66.99 (was £134.99)
Found 20th Mar 2018Found 20th Mar 2018
Razer Fragfest deals up to 50% off. Black widow Tournament £66.99 (was £134.99)
1-Day Only: Razer FragFest Deals Score massive deals up to 50% off. Act fast before stocks run out.

Decent price for the tartarus classic


The sale last month was alot better, looks like this is the leftovers


Not a very large sale is it? The vast majority of their gear is still full price


Black widow Tournament Chroma UK layout already OOS

Found 18th Mar 2018Found 18th Mar 2018
Free razer serpent mount for Battlerite (f2p). I don't play so have no judgement on whether this is a good thing ;)
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Now out of KEYS (mad)


Thank you :) Missed it when they first put it up.

Brand new Razer Blade 14" for £1,599.99, Saving £400! @ Razer
Found 9th Mar 2018Found 9th Mar 2018
Brand new Razer Blade 14" for £1,599.99, Saving £400! @ Razer
£1,599.99Razerzone Deals
Just got an email for Razer says they have a one day sale on the New Blade 14" for one day! This code works for all of the Razer Blade 14" models! Save up to £400 when you buy … Read more
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Why is this cold??? Heat added. So much hate towards razer products which are generally of superior quality compared to others. Watch the reviews.... build quality is a beast. Specs are great. It’s the Mac book pro of the gaming world. So close to buying one but I’m wondering whether this discount means they’re announcing the next generation?


Have some 🔥


Dear op, prepear to be whipped for this post, that what happened with mine regarding same Razer blade starting from 1252 pounds on amazon warehouse. They simple do not understand the matter of quality and portability. I was about to post external GPU aorus 1070 for 540 pounds which I personally went for but it's pointless. Because why so expensive for a cage with GPU and why not buy desktop pc instead.


It's happy playing demanding games on high/highest settings at 1080p and maintaining 60fps. I reckon that puts it in the higher end of the market. Certainly a massive jump from GT 950 level performance which I'd say is mid range.


When did we start considering a gtx 1060 a higher end GPU O_o did i miss something?

Found 20th Feb 2018Found 20th Feb 2018
Up to 50% OFF quite a few gaming keyboards and mice! Plus if you sign up to the email Newsletter theres a possible extra £10 off too! ONE DAY ONLY!

I dont care quality of other brands I only love Razer and not care on money wise because you pay for what you get!!! Nothing fanboyism is just my long experience with them with no issues. My fanboyism is only Intel and Geforce. Amd sucks🤣🤣🤣


Their headsets and speakers are garbage, though their new speakers are getting some good reviews. Practically all gaming headsets are garbage though. From experience I can tell you that Logitech, Nzxt, Asus, Nvidia, Corsair and Steelseries all have annoying bloatware attached, sometimes requiring an account and sometimes skimming your data for profit. Standard annoyance for PC gaming hardware these days, I assume there are more but these are just the ones I've used in the last 6 months. Cherry can't physically produce enough switches hence Logitech/Razer/Steelseries are using Kailh, Romer-G etc. The Razer greens and yellows are both pleasing to use, unlike Romer-G and "QX2". Just speaking from experience. Currently own a steelseries m750, razer blackwidow, corsair k95 and logitech 810. Just a bit of a collector, the keyboard I use most regularly is the k95 as it has thenice volume control and the most macro keys. I don't know what "evidence" you think will discount your valid opinion, but none of what you've said actually reinforces your original point, so...


I'm using red Kaihls (three months in) and absolutely LOVE them. I don't understand why people always recommend blues for typists, as I really despised the blue switch keyboard I had (albeit another clone, Outemu - threw it in the bin as it was stuttering on keypresses or not even registering them, and the clacking noise was driving me mad)! :D


In the end you're just paying for the flashy lights as these aren't much better than PS2 keyboards with cherry switches. The whole gaming keyboard thing is just to cover up the issues using USB instead of PS2.


Razer Blade Stealth 12.5" £400 off - £1149.99 @ Razerzone
Found 12th Dec 2017Found 12th Dec 2017
Razer Blade Stealth 12.5" £400 off - £1149.99 @ Razerzone
£1,149.99Razerzone Deals
Razer Blade Stealth 12.5" laptop. Check link for full specs. £1549 down to £1149.99 plus £20 from Topcashback plus £10 voucher if you sign up for Razer newsletter

https://www.apple.com/uk/shop/buy-mac/macbook-air?product=MQD42B/A&step=config a mac book air with an i7 which this is trying to ape is £1200 on apple sites and a lot cheaper elsewhere


How much is a comparably specced mac?


this is a 1200 laptop that has integrated graphics your paying the apple tax on a razor? the thing that makes laptops expensive is normally the graphics card with this your paying for it being thin and light two things that are ultimately pointless when you get this set up and going.


But I don't want to use OSX, nor have other quirks with Apple hardware, nor the double-premium price for the Apple logo. Saying that, probably sticking to an XPS for the moment, as my last two laptops have been. Oh, and; the idea of having an external graphics card makes a lot of sense to me. I haven't found the time to play any games for the 2 1/2 years I've owned the current XPS, but if I did, I'd be happy to have an external unit anywhere I wanted to play them and have a lighter laptop to compensate.


the equivalent Dell is a matter or opinion (though i personally do like it a lot), and the MBP is a well put together machine, but it's a Mac so many won't even consider it as competition. this laptop comes out very well in all areas when reviewed. it's probably priced too high at RRP, this deal makes it somewhat competitive, though from the TrustPilot reviews, i'd rather pay full price than deal with the Razerzone website.

Razer Sale - items from £9.99 @ Razerzone
Found 11th Dec 2017Found 11th Dec 2017
Razer Sale - items from £9.99 @ Razerzone
Razor is having a Christmas sale! Discounts on everything from keyboards and mice to headsets
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For the record too, I find razer to be amazing products and although they use Asian warehouses the tracking is good and generally comes under 5 days. Never paid import taxes


If you buy something under £99 after getting the £10 voucher and thus not using it, you will get a £20 off £99 voucher a few days after your initial purchase. If that makes sense?


If they had something to celebrate, we might have seen a 50% sale this year, but they obviously haven't. ;)


This has nothing compared to the gaming company of the year sale they had for last two years running. 50% off the whole site. But of course time machine needed. :{


Razer sale? I've got a beard so don't need this ;)

Razer Turret wireless gaming mouse and keyboard £111.99 when using £10 newsletter code
Found 25th Nov 2017Found 25th Nov 2017
Razer Turret wireless gaming mouse and keyboard £111.99 when using £10 newsletter code
This is on offer for Black Friday at £121.99 but if you sign up for Razer newsletter they will email you a £10 discount code Newsletter link is at bottom of deal link. Also 8% Quid… Read more

Looks great, unfortunately some games require me to look up and down, as well as 30 degrees to the left and right.


My death stalker ultimate is a paper weight Cold so bad at putting updates out


I've had a Naga for 4 years without a Flaw


This is quite bad compared to the Roccat Sova. Not enough room for you to move the mouse and the keys are incredibly basic. Good for typing, not so much if you want to use a steam link or PC on the TV. The sova is much bigger and comfortable with a good surface space and you can use any mouse you want. Same price too.


You could probably buy a lap tray big enough to house a much better wireless keyboard and mouse for a fraction of this price. Given how unreliable razer's premium mice and keyboards are, I dread to think how long this would last before it generates at least one fault.

RAZER NAGA CLASSIC £30.99 from £69.99 at  Razerzone
Found 21st Nov 2017Found 21st Nov 2017
RAZER NAGA CLASSIC £30.99 from £69.99 at Razerzone
MECHANICAL 12 BUTTON THUMB GRIDThe Razer Naga's revolutionary 12-button thumb grid has been outfitted with mechanical switches to give you tactile and audible feedback, so you can … Read more
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definitely return it if it's faulty, I would expect a 12 month warrenty but hopefully it would be longer, I think in new zealand they have a law on essentially expecting to be able to use a product for a period of time before it breaks which i think is 2 years for electronics, as far as I can tell the UK does not have this sadly https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/i-want-to-return-my-goods-what-are-my-rights that's what i could find basically


Well, Ill have a look at the warranty now... I did mean to send it back some 6 months ago but then ofcourse it stopped playing up


Mine kept making pubg unplayable, I had the issue you were describing from the first month and it's totally dead now, well last month, it made it impossible to navigate the OS even. I would return it now if its causing issues.


Hmmm i've had it for 12 months coming to this month. It's a real shame it's a brilliant mouse and the problems only come and go, but when they do come and you have 18 kills grinding for Royalty rank in H1Z1 with 2 other people left alive and you're alsostreaming on twitch its...annoying yano


contact razer about it, they'll ask you to update all the drivers for synapse and the mouse, uninstall synapse, make a new profile on it, try the mouse on another computer then tell you to return it from the store you bought it from for a replacement when none of that works. I actually got mine refunded because I complained it was more trouble then it was worth trying to get it to work. I've gone back to using my logitech G600 now thats so old i've had to sellotape the bottom pads back onto it, works quite well still though, only issue is the scroll wheel tiliting left key doesnt register due to age. Wish I could get a new G600 but they stopped making them in europe and I don't know why.

Razer ManO'War 7.1 Limited Razer Green Edition and original version £69.99 from £119.99 @ razorzone
Found 21st Nov 2017Found 21st Nov 2017
Razer ManO'War 7.1 Limited Razer Green Edition and original version £69.99 from £119.99 @ razorzone
SURROUND AND CONQUERElevate your listening experience with the Razer ManO’War 7.1 gaming headset. Featuring an advanced 7.1 virtual surround sound engine and superior sound isolati… Read more

I paid £69.99 in total, and I have ordered from here a few times (KEYBOARDS,MOUSE AND MATS) and I have never been charged any more on any of the other orders I have made from here for customs duty and the keyboard cost more than this offer.I might be wrong but I will fine out when they arrive.


Might wanna be careful of this Offer applies to shipping fees and does not include customs and handling fees where applicable.


RAZER MANO'WAR wireless are also in the sale £169.99 to £119.99 if that helps


Argh, these or wait a bit longer in the hope a wireless 7.1 headset comes on sale? Im thinking Turtle Beach 600s or the Logitech g933.


These or the HyperX Cloud Alphas? On offer at curry's for the same price!

Razer Man O’ War 7.1 Wired £69.99 with code at razerzone
Found 7th Nov 2017Found 7th Nov 2017
Razer Man O’ War 7.1 Wired £69.99 with code at razerzone
Starts November 9th. Razer Cyber Weekend Deals, Various other deals on Headsets, Keyboards, Mice etc Razer Man O’ War 7.1 £69.99 with code VIP17 (42% off) Possibly a further £10… Read more

I bite on this promotion which ends today - it says 20th November PST who are seven hour behind so I guess you have until 7am tomorrow. Far more than I would have spent on a pair six months ago but I'm trying to up my game. Thanks OP.


Aw nice :D


I managed to get tickets for that show in 2012 and I saw them again in June this year!


Mine arrived today and there was no extra import duty or VAT to pay.


Off-topic but I saw about your post about Evanescence tickets. They’re touring again for their new album and tickets may be around :)

50% off all Razer Gear (1 per purchase, not on notebooks / osvr)
Found 18th Jan 2017Found 18th Jan 2017
50% off all Razer Gear (1 per purchase, not on notebooks / osvr)
Hi everyone, thought this might help some people save money for their gaming gear or for some great gifts for their children. 1. go to https://insider.razerzone.com/index.php?ces-… Read more
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If you are right handed.


​ok fair enough, I was OTT in my sarcasm, I apologise...... :)


I never stated my opinion was more important??? I stated their standards have slipped in recent years and you for some reason questioned my credentials in being able to state that opinion. Nothing more. Next time some one posts something that you don't like or agree too try not to call them out on it. If you cant resit then perhaps you could go about it with more decorum and not basically call them a liar only to find they are actually considerably more educated and qualified to offer an option based on enthusiastically trying hundreds of products rather than just a handful and because their mate shares the same opinion. People will begin to devalue your opinion and frankly grow to dislike you if you don't otherwise. £50 is a great price for a Mamba, if I were in the market for a new mouse at that price I would consider one, but I wasn't calling you out for you to justify your choice. ***POSTED USING A DEATHADDER FROM CIRCA 2012***


​so my personal experience with Razer is second to none, I've used a Laschesis for 6 years and hammered the f*** out of it on Diablo, StarCraft, Total War, X-com, Battlefield, and countless other games.... it's been absolutely brilliant. my friend at work bought a Mamba at full price at launch, he also absolutely hammers strategy games with it. I've always wanted one , as I've tried his, it's an incredible mouse but I refused to pay £140 for a mouse.....£70 though I class as an absolute bargain. so tell me, given my experience with Razer is personal, and also backed by a friend who owns one & absolutely hammers it. please tell me why your opinion is more important!?!? so fair enough, you may well work in the industry, but I think you're off base with your opinion on Razer mice, based on the above. I think £144 outrageous for a mouse, but £70 isnt, that is pretty cheap for a quality peripheral. actually £50, as someone at work has given me £20 for my Lachesis :)


Go on, ask me for proof as you don't believe me Batman. Ill get the shovel ready. You will find many people from all walks of life on HUKD looking for a bargain. I'm sure other members are addicted to finding a bargain irrelevant of their financial basis. I'm not embarrassed of that fact and I'm sure most members could comfortably afford many of HUKD deals but who's going to turn away a nice juicy discount? Razer do have some OK products but they are not as good as they used to be, standards have slipped, and there are usually better alternatives but do feel free to carry on reading indirectly paid or sponsored hype reviews and going on your minimal expertise to make your own mind up.

Razer forge android TV + 2 controllers £85 free shipping @ Razer
Found 22nd Aug 2016Found 22nd Aug 2016
Razer forge android TV + 2 controllers £85 free shipping @ Razer
I know the Razer forge wasn't very popular, but this offer is pretty good Razer forge tv box and two controllers for £85 Just below the add to basket button is a click here for t… Read more

Shield goes on sale all the time just wait for black friday or christmas.


Fairly middling specification for the price e.g. 2GB RAM is pretty much the standard, if not minimum these days, as is 16GB and Android 5.1 is a bit old considering 6 has been around a while. Lastly, no 4K support (and the HDMI 1.4 limits their ability to add it through update) is a big problem for a device of this price as people will be wanting something they can use on their next TV too, which will almost certainly be 4K as 1080P only sets get less common. Sorry cold from me!


Yes I'm aware it's not as good as the shield, but it's half the price and comes with an extra controller.

Razer Forge TV Bundle With 2 Gamepads £85 @ Razerzone
Found 12th Jun 2016Found 12th Jun 2016
Razer Forge TV Bundle With 2 Gamepads £85 @ Razerzone
Use "RZRFTVBIN" at check out and get the Razer Forge TV Bundle and an additional Razer Serval and £6.99 Cortex Store Credit with your purchase. Offer ends July 10th, 2016 Android… Read more
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Have you received it yet?... If so how are you getting on with it?.


does VLC Player work? Also Back up to £81.24 but still pretty good!


I've ordered thank you and I got mine for 81 quid. the controllers alone cost 65 quid each on amazon.


Well a shield with 2 controllers is double the price. You could also argue that a shield is not as good as a PS4/Xbox.


Cold not as good as sheild