razor E300 electric scooter.... The big one £169.99 @ Amazon
razor E300 electric scooter.... The big one £169.99 @ Amazon

razor E300 electric scooter.... The big one £169.99 @ Amazon

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E300 electric scooter, been looking around for these, a quick search on Google come up for £225 minimum. This has just today come on offer, brilliant!!!!


Don't be confused with the e100.these are fast!

heat added although argos have been doing it at £179 for a while and the £10 voucher sort of brings it in line..

So is this for adults? O_o

we have 2 of these the kids love them fantastic price
Adults can go on them if the ground is level depending on your weight for hills

I bought one at this price from Amazon. Was quite surprised how much fun this was. They are quite fast - although the torque for going up hills is pretty poor. You can get up a slight include, but anything about 5% and you don't really have any speed. Max weight is 100KG, I am below that amount, but not by a huge margin and it pulls me along fine.

Mine seems to have been made in October this year (based on the date stickers) and so I didn't need the 18 hour first charge (it was full on arrival).

It does take 12 hours to charge when you run it flat AND they use LEAD batteries (very old school technology). The replacements are about £40 - which his important to know as lead batteries don't like the cold and don't like quite a lot of other ways of being treated. Unlike our modern phone batteries, these need to be treated with care.

PLEASE NOTE : The warranty is only 90 days - I didn't know this, I now do and want others to know. You have been warned!

Overall, great fun!
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