Razorlight "Razorlight" only £5.99 at BangCD + 8% back with Quidco

Razorlight "Razorlight" only £5.99 at BangCD + 8% back with Quidco

Found 11th Jan 2007
As always BangCD is rediculously cheap for CDs. I have ordered loads from them and they are great to deal with. They have loads of cds at low prices. This Razorlight one is just an example. I know a lot of people know about Bangcd but if you havent heard of them then your probably spending too much on CDs and DVDs. Have a look.

Dont forget Quidco for 8% back

In The Morning
Hold On
Before I Fall To Pieces
Pop Song 2006
Back To The Start
Who Needs Love?
I Can't Stop This Feeling I've Got
Kirby's House
Los Angeles Waltz

After two years since the release of debut album "Up All Night", Razorlight is back with their sophomore album that has more mature and easy-to-listen sounds. Recorded in London and produced by Chris Thomas. The band continues to shine with this highly acclaimed album, includes first single "In The Morning" followed by "America" that top the UK Single Chart on initial release. Third single "Before I Fall To Pieces" is released before the entry of 2007.
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Soz, but I've never heard of them. Are they any good?!!
not at all, this is what you want to be buying!

Comedy album matrixcaps!

Dinostevens how old are you? 90? They have songs in the charts. The most memorable one being "America". Have a look on one of the song preview sites. Or click the link below and sample the songs:


Soz, but I've never heard of them. Are they any good?!!

razorlight? or bangcd? :thinking:

Comedy album matrixcaps!

comedy? no, its just mint reggea, not suposed to be funny. razorlight are crap.
:whistling: Lol ok.
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gonna see them live in dublin next month... cant wait!
I could wait if it was me.
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