RC boat with self righting - £29.99 @ Wireless Madness

RC boat with self righting - £29.99 @ Wireless Madness

Found 7th Dec 2017
Looks like a cool little boat to keep the little (and big) ones occupied! Would make great Xmas pressies too. Video on page shows it in action. Not had chance to test it yet, as much as I want to and have ordered another one for nephew - worth a punt for the price.

Appears to be back in stock!!!
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Pre order only
Shame its pre-order/OOS, looks fun. Wonder how long the battery lasts..

£30 is very cheap looking around at other sites...would have been a bargain.
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I get around 6-7 minutes run time on mine.
I called them they said stock is back in on Tuesday so worth pre-ordering before price goes back up
Thanks, will give it a go
A self-righteous boat......right!
Looks like great fun and as I'm nearly 70 and approaching second childhood might get one for me!
Just went to order one of these and £5.99 for 3 day postage and £7.99 for next day delivery is putting me off.
The ship shipped"

Went for the 3 day del, yes its is expensive, but I think its still a low all in price. Just hope is as good as the video looks. I know running time is only about 7 minutes or so, but that's OK..
instock now I just ordered 3
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