R/C Goodyear Blimp @play.com £17.99  rrp £39.99

R/C Goodyear Blimp @play.com £17.99 rrp £39.99

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Found 9th Jul 2008
Specially licensed and modeled on the famous Goodyear Blimp that's a familiar site at sports events around the world, this indoor Remote Control Blimp is over four feet long, so whilst it's smaller than its namesake, it's still an impressive site.

Full flying and operation instructions are included so you can get your Blimp airborne without any fuss. Featuring a refillable Mylar Helium balloon that is nearly weightless, three micro-motor thrusters enable it to fly in all directions with total control. Extremely maneuverable, it can rotate and perform sharp turns while its 3-channel radio transmitter enables a control range of over 300 ft. This radio controlled helium airship is safe, very easy to fly, fun for all ages, and light enough not to cause harm when bumped into household objects.

The RC Goodyear Blimp needs to be inflated with helium gas which is readily available at party stores, toy stores, florists and anywhere that sells helium balloons.



I like much

Four foot long lol

i think having to take it to be filled up periodically will put people off. and its very big for indoors unless its a huge room or a gymn hall or something.

Imagine the fun you could have sneaking this into the pictures or theatre!!! :whistling: :whistling: :whistling:

Its got to beat tipping two bottles of squeezy liquid into fountains by miles.

Immensely attractive.

Immensely impractical.

How do you get the helium home from the florists? I couldn't hold my breath for that long.

Also immense.

good idea ... will be useful for those trying to locate places like .... where is that cinema near ikea tottenham!

I've flown the real thing!!

Original Poster Banned


I've flown the real thing!!

there has to be one:whistling:


I've flown the real thing!!

this one? hehehe :thumbsup:
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