rc plane £4.97 Tesco (instore)

rc plane £4.97 Tesco (instore)

Found 3rd Feb 2010
I just popped into Tesco Blackpool for lunch and was walking down the seasonal goods/clearance section and found a small RC plane for 1/2 price. For this price its worth a go. The body is made from expanded polystrene so won't dent and break things in the house/office. will try and figure out how to post image later


I wonder if this is store specific, do you have a product code or anything we can use to check. My nephew would like this as he loves any type of toy plane :D.

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The packaging is a different colour to the one shown on the picture, but the contents are the same. its part of tescos own 'how cool is this' range. it was near all the easter eggs. I have a barcode if thats of any use.
5 051622 827693... Thats all the info i have. may only be available in the larger stores (the blackpool one is huge)
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