Read Or Die [2001] Manga, was £19.99 now £4.97. 75% off! @ Amazon
Read Or Die [2001] Manga, was £19.99 now £4.97. 75% off! @ Amazon

Read Or Die [2001] Manga, was £19.99 now £4.97. 75% off! @ Amazon

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This is one of the BEST Manga shows.
If you have not seen it and like manga, get it!

This is my first listing so be gentle. :-)

A sinister plot is afoot and only one schoolteacher, a special agent with an affinity for literature, can stop it. She is Ms. Yomiko Readman - better known to her colleagues in Section A of Library Special Operations as "Agent Paper". Someone is bent upon procuring several rare lost Beethoven manuscripts and has somehow enlisted a few of history's most extraordinary personalities, through stolen DNA, to aid in the endeavour. Readman and her fellow super-powered operatives must tangle with the likes of Tokugawa-era scientist Gennai Hiraga, aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal and 19th century entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre in a desperate race to find the books and save the World! Action and adventure abound in this thrilling anime series created by top-rate animation director Kouji Masunari. Contains the complete R.O.D series - three stunning 30-minute episodes!


They have no stock though. :-( Could have to wait a while. Good price though

Would be £6.43 inc postage, a;ternatively get it from ]HMV for £5.99...

I got it for £2.50 from the DVD.co.uk christmas sale a couple of weeks ago. Don't know if it's still available there though.

1 in stock, and this is a DVD, not a book!


this is a DVD, not a book!

I'm guessing you're trying to point out that had this been a book it would have been 'manga' but as a DVD (animated film or series) the OP should have described it as 'anime'?

If you take a look at the cover you'll spot that this is released by the UK distrubtion company Manga Entertainment (details ]HERE) & so the OP is correct in their description........


1 in stock, and this is a DVD, not a book!

No one said it was a book. The OP wasn't telling you to "read it or die", it's called ROD - Read or Die :-D

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Not too good for my first post.
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