real Christmas trees half price in b&q Edinburgh
Half price Christmas trees at b&q Edinburgh.

Plenty left. I just picked up a 6ft + nordman fir for £17.50.

Smaller and larger sizes available too.


Any idea if this is national or store specific?

Store specific

I got one at lunchtime at the fort kinnaird b&q in Edinburgh. Had been at IKEA for one but they were sold out, but got a 5ft nordman fir for £7.50 - bargain!

All real trees are now half-price in the Macclesfield B&Q

And Crewe - had about 30 left of different sizes as of 8:30 this morning - got a 7ft nordman for £17:50 and I had £5 voucher from B&Q club so £12:50 total.
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