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Posted 16 May 2024

Real Leather Unisex Cross Body Messenger Bag - sold & dispatched by Discount Leather Mart

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Looks a great delivered price for a real leather bag.
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Inner Material: Nylon
  • Closure: Zipper

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  1. Scrooge_McDuck's avatar
    What do most people keep in these?
    Xmob's avatar
    'Herbal medicine' for selling on the street.
  2. phrampton534's avatar
    Reviews seem good but this is very cheap if it is actually real leather. Not saying it is PU leather but I’m always a bit dubious. Similar items can be found on aliexpress and they tend to be hit and miss. Good find though and hardly a massive gamble at that price(y)
    rksagu's avatar
    Reviews suggest it's poorly constructed and breaks after a month. So at this price, regardless of whether it's leather, you get what you pay for.
  3. martinelsen's avatar
    roadman wagwan
    Professor_Chaos's avatar
    Aiiiiight bossman 
  4. trev55's avatar
    Do some research on the different grades of leather "Genuine leather" & "Real leather" are the lowest grades of leather. For actual good quality leather you want to look out for "Full Grain" or "Top Grain" leather.

  5. Cepultura's avatar
    "real leather"
    DoublePortingDad's avatar
    What is 'not real leather', please? ;-)
  6. daydreamer01's avatar
    Would make a nice man bag for someone.
  7. darknesskai's avatar
    Are teenage boys still wearing these?
    vornstar13's avatar
    No but 40 something boys are.....
  8. gslgregory's avatar
    gslgregory's avatar
    To answer my own question:
    24.8 x 21.2 x 3.2 cm
  9. vornstar13's avatar
    "We are offering FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you believe this is not real leather, so buy with confidence."

    Why would they even say that?
    Sherbat's avatar
    Dunno but tempted to test that statement.
  10. MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    They forgot to throw in premium into the title too
  11. Girlsrock4's avatar
  12. M015T's avatar
    Boys from the estate are gonna be all over it.
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