Real World Golf 2007 & Gametrak Controller - PS2 - £7.99 - ChoicesUK

Real World Golf 2007 & Gametrak Controller - PS2 - £7.99 - ChoicesUK

Found 25th Jul 2007
Popped into the extended Choicesuk sale and well worth the £7.99 (less if you use Quidco). Pity about the expired code though


voted hot nice price

voted hot hot hot. Another cheap christmas pressie to stash away!

excellent find thanks been waiting for this to come down in price.voted hot

voted hot - but waiting for TW 08 for the wii due august 31st.

got one on order thanks -voted hot

Withdrawn by distributor :-(

Just got mine today. Its a cracking buy - most impressed. Bit like the real thing though, one good shot every 3, or is that just me. Anyway, if you ordered one well done - if not keep an eye out it's definately worth it.
Rep to OP for the spot & post. :thumbsup:

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I was a bit worried even though the listing was clear that this would be just the game. At least we know it wasn't a typo and you get the controller too. £7.99 for the set is an absolute steal, I can't wait to try it out.

The wii has appalling accuracy, here's hoping this is better.
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