Reality Is Not What It Seems - Carlo Rovelli. Kindle Ed. Was £9.99 now 99p @amazon

Reality Is Not What It Seems - Carlo Rovelli. Kindle Ed. Was £9.99 now 99p @amazon

Found 12th Aug 2017
Reality Is Not What It Seems: The Journey to Quantum Gravity

Product Description:

From the best-selling author of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics comes a new book about the mind-bending nature of the universe

What are time and space made of? Where does matter come from? And what exactly is reality? Scientist Carlo Rovelli has spent his life exploring these questions and pushing the boundaries of what we know. Here he explains how our image of the world has changed throughout centuries. From Aristotle to Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday to the Higgs boson, he takes us on a wondrous journey to show us that beyond our ever-changing idea of reality is a whole new world that has yet to be discovered.


A global superstar... Professor Rovelli is making the grammar of the universe accessible to a new generation (Channel 4 News)

The most fun physicist to be with -- as well as the greatest explainer of physics (Bryan Appleyard Sunday Times)

Surely Rovelli deserves the title 'world's most inspiring physics teacher' (Daily Telegraph)

The physicist transforming how we see the universe (Financial Times)

The new Hawking... His writing is luminous. By the time I had finished reading I was in serious awe of the author (David Aaronovitch The Times)

This is a really, really good book about science. It's like a tonic for the mind. Carlo Rovelli is a physicist so of course this book is about physics. But it's much more than that. It's about thinking clearly... He gives beautifully clear explanations of the ideas of the cleverest people in history, from Democritus, via Newton, to Einstein and beyond. (Evening Standard)
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...I bet he doesn't tell you that the world is flat though.......maybe he should watch an Eric Dubay documentary or YouTube....
Flat earth goes mainstream
I'm sure this has been 99p for some time (it certainly was when I bought it months ago).
It is a fairly well written book (better if one has an understanding of physics and maths to start with) - I certainly would not have paid £9.99 for it (I'm not sure anyone did) but it was an interesting read at this price.
Excellent read, thanks again.
jobibear6 h, 48 m ago

Excellent read, thanks again.

No worries
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