Really cheap Bebivitia baby food jars £0.07 @ Tesco

Really cheap Bebivitia baby food jars £0.07 @ Tesco

Found 11th May 2010
First post go easy please.

If you have a baby then these jars from Bebivitia are only 7 pence!!.

Okay these are only available as cottage pie and pear pudding but if you order food online like I do they usually run out and replace them with jars costing 10 times as much and Ive done this 3 weeks in a row.


good deal voted hot...

be warned people will moan about baby food jars just ignore them

very good deal!!!

Sorry, this product is currently unavailable.

not available nationwide but good spot for those that have it on their lists.

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It must be dependant on your local store as mentioned above as I have 45 jars coming tonight amongst my other shopping and its still showing them in my area.
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