Really Nasty Golf Game  @ Amazon UK £2.99

Really Nasty Golf Game @ Amazon UK £2.99

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Found 19th Feb 2008
Really Nasty Golf Game -- There's foul play on the fairway , as you "revenge" your way to the 19th hole! Designed to bring out the worst in all players! A perfect tee shot can splash in the lake , a sumptous drive can suddenly be "trampled" in!! It's a question of how craftily you play your "Nasty cards" to impede your opponents. Game can be played on this neat nine hole course at 2 levels Really Really Nasty or the slightly less frustrating Relatively Nasty Golf Game. A riot of a game for golf nut or novice alike! Players 2-6 Age 12 +

Was £14.99 now £2.99


I love boardgames so that's a winner. doesn't have a lot about it, but it does have one recommendation!

That looks a really exciting board game :-D

Good name for this board game though :thumbsup:

I dont get it...


I dont get it...

Me either.. sounds pants!

It's golf based.. so thats hardly suprising.

This is by the same company that made The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game, and that is a great game. Thanks for pointing this out martyn1978.
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