Really Useful Boxes (Twin Pack) 64 litre Clear @ STAPLES £20 including VAT

Really Useful Boxes (Twin Pack) 64 litre Clear @ STAPLES £20 including VAT

Found 30th Jan 2014
Really Useful (Clear) 64 litre boxes (twin pack) for £20 incl. VAT. One of these boxes retails at £16.99 - which makes this a good buy. Great for storing all kinds of stuff. My loft has never looked so organised! NB: Free next day delivery with order over £30. Here's some specification/information blurb.....
Manufactured from durable polypropylene and are strong enough to take a persons weight.
Supplied complete with a lockable lid.
Each box includes integral foolscap suspension grooves for document storage and incorporate a totally flat, reinforced base and minimal wall taper to maximise storage capacity
Can be stacked with or without their lids and have a working temperature range of between -15C and +80C
Internal dimensions: 605 x 370 x 280
External dimensions: 710 x 440 x 310mm
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Excellent top quality boxes.
My only criticisms-
They do not stack inside each other and will not slide easily on carpet.
tcb of 8% too (though have had some very long waits for the cashback to actually be paid)!

I bought a few of these boxes a while back and they are very good quality and sturdy. The only thing to bear in mind is that, when full, they are very heavy indeed. The smaller sizes are a bit more practical if you need to move filled boxes around (even full of books, you can still carry/move the 32 litre boxes reasonably easily, not quite so true of the 64 litre). minor thing but worth bearing in mind.

cheers op
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