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Posted 12 December 2022

Realme 8 5G (PREORDER Carphone Warehouse for delivery- 05/01/2023) 5G 4GB RAM 64GB Memory £149

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Edit: OUT OF STOCK online, you might be lucky, if you visit store, to get allocation for

Check which network 5g coverage you are in ! signalchecker.co.uk/map…/5g

Specs gsmarena.com/rea…php
Benchmark test unite4buy.com/Rea…tu/
Realme brand en.wikipedia.org/wik…lme

Comparable with
OPPO A54 5G (£129 from Voda)
Motorola G62 (£129 from Voda)

IMHO extra £20 gets you "that much better" 5G phone, than others... arguably better looking- design, if not the arguably better MediaTek Dimensity 700 MT6833 CPU... competitor to way more expensive Xiaomi branded 5g models.
18W charge rate
Android 11 to Android 12 Upgradable
Good (better) camera performance against above mentioned competitors

Full review techradar.com/rev…iew
Video reviews:

Carphone Warehouse More details at Carphone Warehouse
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  1. Avatar
    I recently sent mine back as an update stopped the NFC working.
    Normally when there's an issue after an update, another update promptly follows to fix it.
  2. Avatar
    Got the 6gb for this price, and must says it's been ace.

    Only letdown was audio at a concert. But in its defence, I was at front and near speakers.
  3. Avatar
    Considering just getting this from Amazon for an extra tenner as its in stock and delivered this week.
    Im on a backlog order for the Motorola G62 which is supposed to be a Christmas present.

    At least I know I can send the Amazon one back with no issues if the G62 turns up.
    Any other phones I can consider in the same price bracket? ... Or is this the best?
    Depends what are your expectations or what do you actually need. G62 is perfectly acceptable phone, IMHO A54 5g is better, due to the screen and cameras performance slightly better, Realme 8 5g is clearly the best of a bunch as it's way better than both, 8ncluding "premium'ish" Xiaomi 10 5g (with WAY bigger price tag).
    Differences are minor, but at the same time might be crucial, as IE A54 5g only takes 10w charge, for some thus might be almighty deal breaking parameter. Bottom line (IMO) any of them are 5g, which is a milestone above 4g phones. (edited)
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    Is this a great deal? This phone will be nearly 2 years old by the time you receive it.
    It is as to say perfectly balanced 5G phone, the best of the particular ("cheap") range of the phones, you'd need to pay another 66% of the price more to get next best (5G) phone ATM.
  5. Avatar
    What this pre-prder on a phone released 18 months ago?
    If you are after good saving on a decent phone, without premium- nobody cares how long ago it's been released
  6. Avatar
    How are realme with OS & security updates?
    Not as many as as you might imagine or want (or don't want). AFAIK this model only had one major update of the own OS, still based on the same Android 11. Not a clue what's in-store in future
  7. Avatar
    On the realme website it has this phone but not with 5g and a 64mp camera, which has the better camera?
  8. Avatar
    Don't buy this phone, clearly not good enough for you!