Rebel Galaxy (Steam - PC) £2.99 80% off Steam deal of the day

Rebel Galaxy (Steam - PC) £2.99 80% off Steam deal of the day

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“Rebel Galaxy is one of the best space games released in some time, both in terms of its vast content and that its low price that won’t break your wallet.”
88 – Gaming Nexus

“Rebel Galaxy might just be the successor to Freelancer that many gamers have been craving for, a space-based video game that gives gamers the freedom to pursue their space dreams and use their ship to try and get that big score that will make them wealthy or famous or both. Read more:…tml
90 – Softpedia

“Rebel Galaxy is what happens when you combine the exploration and freeform nature of Sid Meier’s Pirates! with the broadside-oriented ship combat of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, and the “cowboys in space” setting of Firefly and Cowboy Bebop.”
80 – The Escapist


Rebel Galaxy is a swashbuckling space adventure, with action-packed combat, exploration, discovery, trade, and “negotiation” with the outlandish denizens at the edge of the known universe.

As the commander of an immensely powerful star destroyer, you’ll battle pirates, explore anomalies, befriend aliens, scavenge battle wreckage, mine asteroids, and discover artifacts. Choose your path as a roguish do-gooder, crafty space-trader or power-hungry privateer – or maybe a little of each! Buy larger and more powerful craft with your hard-earned credits, and outfit them with a variety of wicked weapons and defenses. Set in a galaxy of fantastic sights, and secrets to be found, Rebel Galaxy is above all a space epic of adventure, exploration, and combat.

The edge of the universe is a pretty dangerous place, so watch your back.rières.
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Any reviews? Is it like freelancer? That was a great game.
There’s a review in the OP (softpedia link) but if you want to watch one check this out

I bought it based on this last night
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Aquacadabra25 m ago

Any reviews? Is it like freelancer? That was a great game.

Sorry @Aquacadabra for some reason when I try to quote and post a youtube link it removes the quote but please see my reply above.
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