Rebel Star Tactical Command (GBA) - £1.99 delivered

Rebel Star Tactical Command (GBA) - £1.99 delivered

Found 28th Dec 2007
Brand new and of uk origin

A band of rebels challenges the Arelian Empire for planet
Earth. After decades of alien oppression, a band of rebels
rises up to fight against the Arelians. A new recruit,Jorel,
becomes their leader, organizing the rebel forces to build
a powerful army.


Excellent little game
I once bought Julian Gollop (on of the brothers that wrote this game) a pint. Very nice chap.

Still available, bought it this morning then went on to buy a GBA SP on ebay just to play this:? That may sound a bit screwed, but I used to spend HOURS playing Rebelstar II and Laser Squad on the spectrum (Oh and Lords of Chaos) :w00t:

Anybody know any 'similar' GBA games (or Lost Vikings type puzzle games...)?

And it turned up today (along with Sigma Star). Now just got to wait for the GBA to arrive.......
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