Rebelstar: Tactical Command (GBA) -- £2.96 delivered + 6% Quidco
Rebelstar: Tactical Command (GBA) -- £2.96 delivered + 6% Quidco

Rebelstar: Tactical Command (GBA) -- £2.96 delivered + 6% Quidco

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Excellent turn-based strategy game from Julian Gollop, the man behind such classic games as Rebelstar, Laser Squad and the X-Com series. An utter bargain at this price!

Scored 78 on Metacritic: metacritic.com/gam…and

Official blurb: "A turn-based strategy and combat game with role-playing elements, Rebelstar Tactical Command transports players to a not-so-distant future in which Earth is ruled by an evil empire. In Rebelstar Tactical Command, the year is 2117, and Earth is under the control of the evil Arelian Empire. A band of rebels has risen to wage battle against the Arelians. Four distinct play modes include campaign, skirmish, hot-seat multiplayer and multiplayer link mode. In hot-seat multiplayer mode, a replay option lets players review the opponent's last turn. The game's RPG elements allow players to develop unique characters and relationships and control individual soldiers. The game also boasts stealth skills, a variety of weapons, and destructible environments where players can strategically use the lines of sight rules to their advantage - or to their opponent's disadvantage."


Cheers, fella.

Several other games there at £2.96 too.

But this one I have fond memories of. Much appreciated.

Well worth this price. Very good game

Just a mention about UWISH and Quidco. I have placed about 5 orders now and none of them have tracked. Because of each quidco amount being less than £1, Quidco won't pursue them with UWISH.
So thanks and a great deal but don't expect 6% quidco on top.

This is the one game that tempted me to buy a GBA. Not enough to actually buy one but it was close. The hours I spent playing JG's games on the spectrum are beyond measure lol.

Just for fun, go here : ]Java Rebelstar....
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