[REC] (spanish/subtitled) Blu-ray - £8.79 from ASDA (in-store only)

[REC] (spanish/subtitled) Blu-ray - £8.79 from ASDA (in-store only)

Found 21st Sep 2010Made hot 22nd Sep 2010
Not sure if this has been posted yet - search doesn't seem to think so. This is the best price yet and no delivery waiting times. Found in Swindon's store.

Next best price is £11.85 from Zavvi & The Hut - both currently out of stock.


1 & 2 are both great films.

From the reviews I've read the blu isn't all that (the whole movie is filmed shaky cam "blair witch" style on handheld cameras so makes sense). Could save fiver and get the DVD.

Not watched them but probably rated in the top 5 horrors in the last 15 years from most critics
Just been to Asda and thought this was a cracking price for a new blu ray will watch and then decide on whether to buy sequal.
Very good find

Got it on Blu Ray and the difference is quite evident. Not all of it is filmed on shaky cams. There are lengthy sequences without. And of course, AnTHela's lovely face!

These are amazing.

I really like the direction number two took.

The last 10mins of Rec 1 are just fantastic, terrifying!

I didn't think it was all that, plot wise. What it did manage was to be very visceral. Without being as gory as some movies in the genre, it really had me on the edge of my seat most of the way through.

Fantastic film undervalued by a shoddy US remake (with that girl from Dexter). Its probably only a film you'd watch once albeit from behind a cushion!

Good film bargain i'll pop down asda in a bit see if they have any in stock

[rec]2 is even better. excelent.watched it today.


[rec]2 is even better. excelent.watched it today.

Agreed. First one was good but only last 15 mins or so were really scary. 2nd one was relentless and i too really liked the direction it took though looking at the imdb message boards there seems to be quite a lot of numptys confused by the plot development.

part 2 seemed faster paced,with better characters imo.i really enjoyed it.
best comparison i could do is alien / aliens.
just hope when they do the inevitable remake they dont butcher it.
these 2 films alone show there are some very good horror movies out there,and not like the usual guff produced in america.

Just picked up copy from ASDA fosse park Leicester. They have 4 or 5 on the shelf.

As an aside they also had the original batman (1989) for £8 and I have always fancied that so I picked that up. Went to checkout and discovered there was a multi buy on blu-Ray of £3 so got both films for less than £14! Result.

Oh and it was £8.97 in Leicester not £8.79

Rec 1 £8.97
Batman(1989) £8

Total £16.97


Blue Ray Offer SV £3 346L -£3

Total paid £13.97

Now looking for a good deal on Rec 2
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Got a copy last night £8.97:D
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